Sanbot Max Specification
humanoid robot, advanced humanoid robot, humanoid service robot
advanced robot specification, artificial intelligence robot
Lithium battery/36v/1.6KW/18 hours (runtime)
Primary Sensors
Touch, Infrared, Ultrasonic sensor, 3D vision, RGB vision, Black white vision, MIC, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic, Encoding disk
1080P, 10.1 inch touchscreen
Degrees of Freedom

Head: x3

Arm: x10

Palm: x10

Waist: x1

Foot: x4

Android / LINUX / ROS / RTOS
Max Freight Weight
4-wheel drive (external wheel motor and Mecanum wheel)
Max Speed
16.4ft/s, 5m/s
Ground Clearance
1.77 in/4.5cm

Microphone: x7

Eye Display: OLED x2

Background lights: RGB x2

Speakers: Hi-Def Speakers x2

Degrees of movement: x3(Horizontal 180 degrees,Vertical 90 degrees)

HD camera: 720Px1

Visual Camera: x1

3D Camera x1

Lighting: LED Light x1

Touch Sensor: x1


Display: 10.1 inch 1080P touchscreen

HD Camera: x1

PIR: x2

Scanners: x2

Speakers: Treble speakersx2

subwoofer x1

Touch sensor: x2

Backside Cover: Type-A USB x2/Micro USB x1/Dial Switchx2

Front side cover: AC 220V Power Outlet x1/HDMI Port x1

Type-A USB x1/DC 12V Port x1

RJ45 Ethernet Port x1/AUDIO IN Port x1

I²C Interface x1

Bracket: Pressure Force Sensor x1

Arm (x2)

Arm directions of movement: x5

Hand directions of movement: x5

Touch Sensor: x4

Infrared: Infrared Distance Sensor x3

Background Light: x1


Wheels: External Wheel Hub Motor + Mecanum Wheel x4

Infrared: Infrared Distance Sensor x18

Ultrasonic Scanner: x6

3D Camera: x4

Vision Camera: x1

Trailer Hitch: x1

On/Off Switch: x1

Charging Port: x1

Charging Indicator Light: x1

Turn Signal: x3

Magnetic Sensor: x2

RFID: x1

RFID: x1

RJ45Ethernet Port: x1

DC 12V Port: x1

AUDIO IN Port: x1

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved