Sanbot’s advanced software and software systems will take education into the future. From elementary school, to high school and university, the Sanbot open API robot can be programmed to help educate students of all academic levels.

Application Scenarios

robot activities for kindergarten, intelligent education robot
Education for Kindergarten

With cute humanoid body, Sanbot can teach kids to sing, dance, paint, and help them with their native language or learning another language. With a 1080P touchscreen and 720p laser projector, the intelligent educational robot can play a series of education materials for kids, enriching their knowledge in the preschool.

teaching assistant robot, class teaching robot, educational assistant robot
Education in Classroom

In the school, Sanbot’s facial recognition helps track and record students’ attendance records, and their parent also know their kids’ check-in and check-out record via the mobile APP Q-Link. With this mobile APP, parents can watch their condition in classroom. Sanbot teaching assistant records all the contents the teacher uses, which enables students to learn about the material they may have missed in class.

facial recognition robot, school check-in/check-out robot, face recognition check-in robot
Students Psychological Treatment

Sanbot robot is the robot that will help kids open up about how they are feeling. Via Q & A, stories, photos, video on Sanbot, students tell Sanbot their real thoughts freely. In this way, their parents and teachers will know about their kids and students, and then adopt correct actions to affect their children positively. Sanbot can also be programmed to educate the students to grow up in right ways and think openly.

telepresence robot, teleconference robot, tele-education robot
Online Education/Conference

Distance is not a problem with the technology’s development. With the Q-Link APP, the absent students can participate in the real-time classes or conference through mobile or computer Q-Link APP. And the long-distance participators can also interact with the attendees via Q-Link freely. With Internet connected, Sanbot can push courses and contents so learners can get the newest knowledge and news around the world.

Case Studies

elementary school education assistant robot

De Fonkeling Elementary School

Sanbot recorded and stored the contents Stvan taught and students could learn from the robot directly if they didn’t catch all the classes, reducing teacher’s responsibility and time. During the break, students surrounded Sanbot, asking teacher about how the robot works, interacting with the AI robot, and dancing together with the rhythm of Sanbot, and, students enjoyed the interesting movies via the 1080p touchscreen or HD laser HD projector. What’s more, the robot can help with check-in and check-out when the class begins and finishes. And the parents can easily know their kids’ class condition via Q-Link mobile App, reassuring them a lot.

psychological education robot

Qianhai Harbor School

In August, Qianhai Harbor School (with the parents’ permission), and other 10 schools tried a new method in helping students, and Sanbot has been a part of 120 sessions per school.

Students were brought into a room and talked to Sanbot one-on-one. The advanced AI robot presented them with a series of test questions and the children were very responsive to Sanbot. Another exercise was a psychiatrist controlled Sanbot remotely and talked to the student through this programmable humanoid robot. Both methods had success.

intelligent education robot

Second Experiment Primary School of SUS Tech

Based on the Sanbot open platform, Sanbot is programmed for education, with masses of preschool education resources integrated, assists teachers interestingly like one buddy, friendly and equally.

In the Second Experiment Primary School of SUS Tech, Sanbot standardizes the education, enriches the contents repetitively but interestingly, and mobilizes the kids’ learning interest and initiative magically, making the learning more interesting and contribute the education quietly. The new coming intelligent education robot is as old as kid, but knowledge-abundant, professional and patent, who must be the professor from the Mars.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved