Traditional brick and mortar retail stores are seeing a decline in revenue. Overhead costs are rising, while customer satisfaction and attendance is lowering. The fact is that traditional promotional methods and activities are not effective any more. Have no fear! The Sanbot retail service robot is effective, and it will usher retail stores into the future.

Application Scenarios

retail service robot, robot in retail, retail promotion robot
Shopping Mall/Retail Store

In malls and retail stores, Sanbot’s eye-catching entertainment functions and the performances attract a lot of customers. The robot greets customers, answers their questions, introduce products, and offer special promotions or discounts, and more. Electronic coupons and the sweepstakes games on Sanbot enhance the customer stickiness and promote the store or mall in a new and exciting way. Sanbot will collect a store’s big Data to give managers new insights into their business that will enable retailers to easily manage their businesses.

restaurant robot, catering service robot, robot serving in restaurant

In a restaurant, Sanbot robot helps guide the diners to their seats; the cute robot’s entertaining performances drive away any dull times that diners have while waiting for their table. Diners can order through Sanbot directly, improving their dinning satisfaction and this will ultimately help the restaurant’s popularity spread around town.

reception robot, sales advertising robot, robot in the theatre
Movie Theaters

Sanbot robot is beloved by all moviegoers in the theater. Sanbot broadcasts movie trailers and helps the theater advertise to draw in more people. Sanbot can also guide customers to the correct theater room, help order concessions and more, improving the movie experience and attracting more customers to the theater.

pharmacy promotion robot, health product promotion robot, retail robot

People’s health care is a huge industry and more and more people are receiving adequate healthcare, but this raises the demand, especially for medicine. This demand can put a strain on pharmacies. In the pharmacy store, Sanbot helps take inventory, perform basic diagnostics, deliver health care tips and recommend the correct health products to the buyers. This brings business value to pharmacies and a better experience for the customers.

Case Studies

pizza hut service robot, robot waiter for pizza hut

Pizza Hut Malaysia

In October at the Sunway Pyramid outlet -- the branch store of Pizza Hut Malaysia -- launched its new digital concept store. Sanbot intelligent robot was featured at the store.

The cute robots' dancing and broadcasting attract pedestrians’ interest and help draw in more foot traffic to the Pizza Hut shop. Sanbot presented diners with an operations screen and talked directly to them. With advanced facial recognition software, Sanbot can call you by your name if you are a Pizza Hut reward member. All these actions increased customer satisfaction.

shopping mall service robot, robot serving in shopping mall, shopping service robot

Nanjing Central Emporium

Sanbot service robots were introduced by the Hexi Shop of Nanjing Central Emporium in the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center. Sanbot Elf was hired to help customers and assist the staff members. They help attract more customers to the store via entertainment, introduce the product area, broadcast promotional information and help hold large-scale event on holidays. Thanks to its excellent services, this retail service robot became the consumers’ favorite part of the mall.

robot in retail, advanced ai robot, service robot


In addition to Sanbot Elf’s customer reception, product introduction and advertisement, the advanced AI robot offers customers with customized solutions for home decoration. Oppein introduced Sanbot and developed its own specialized APP for Oppein home appliance retail store.

After input contents on home decorations into Sanbot’s customized system, the robot can offer customers with optimal solutions for their home decoration according to room size, color preference, style, prices and other factors. Sanbot service robot benefits both Oppein and its customers a lot.

shopping robot, retail shopping robot

Huayang Xintong

The customized shopping robot for retail, researched and developed by QIHAN Technology and Huayang, was formally featured in Shenzhen in July 2017. This retail service robot aims to increase foot traffic, intelligent marketing, and all around smart store management.

The intelligent retail robot is capacity of six working modes, including remote shop-keeping, product introduction, sales promotion, customer reception, sales exhibition and interactive entertainment. Furthermore, the steam-up added more advanced functions such as cashier assistance, membership processing, electronic coupons dispensing and write-offs, etc.

catering service robot, robot waiter, catering promotion robot

Saier Technology

For Saier Technology catering, Sanbot can attract people, who are nearby whether by dancing or playing songs and then lead customers to their seats This hi-tech AI deep learning robot attracts the attention of customers and brings a better catering experience. Also, it prompts customers to share and promote Saier by word of mouth and social media, increasing the sales revenue.

3W Coffee robot, robot for coffee shop, coffee shop service robot

3W Coffee

Since October 2016, 3W Coffee, China's first "Internet plus Finance" coffee shop, formally introduced the Sanbot intelligent robot. 3W Coffee once again captures people's attention by introducing customized robotic service, creating a new wave of technology innovations once more. The excellent service and experience from the innovative AI robots received praise from every customer. Now, more and more businesses want to use Sanbot robots.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved