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After-sale Service

Sanbot guarantees that we will offer product maintenance for free from the date of purchasethrough the warranty period.

The necessary conditions in the warranty for free service include

a. The product is used normally and faults are not caused by human error since date of purchase and are under the warranty period.

b. Non-human error faults that are not caused by unauthorized disassembly and non-official-guided refit and extra installation.

c. The series number, factory label, and other marks are not damaged in any way.

d. User must provide effective proof of purchase, order receipt, and order number.

The warranty periods

Host: 12 months

Display Screen: 2 years

Universal Wheels: 2 years

Battery: 2 years

Service Progression



What has been Sanbot’s impact to the world?

Sanbot, together with its partners, develops numerous solutions for retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, and the public services, creating a more convenient, smart life, and business scenarios. Sanbot offers directions for upgrading and revolutionizing industries.

Where has Sanbot been applied?

Sanbot has been introduced and applied at home and abroad, such as: Chinese Gongbei Customs, Pizza Hut Malaysia, Nanjing Central Emporium shopping malls, Oppein Cabinetry, Beijing Court, Krakow airport, Bank of China, education and psychology assistant for schools and many other applications.

What’s the price of Sanbot robot?

Sanbot has different prices depending on the buyer’s area, the quantity of the order, special services and other support. Contact us to learn more.

Does Sanbot support my language if I use it in my country?

Powered by IBM Watson and Nuance, Sanbot Elf can support 28 languages. Sanbot Nano speaks English and German due to its Alexa Voice Service System; Sanbot King Kong only English (for now). You must confirm with us about the available languages.

Can you customize Sanbot’s functions for me? Do you offer OEM/ODM services?

You must check with Sanbot first if Sanbot can have the developed function you want. If not, we can find a compromise based on the functions and your quantity order.

I only found your white and silver color Sanbot; does Sanbot come in different colors?

Sanbot standard colors are white and silver, but Sanbot can customize colors for a substantial order quantity.

Does Sanbot have an open API? Can I develop my own APP and functions?

A: Sanbot offers open API, open SDK and other supporting materials for all the customers, so they can be programmed and customized according to the customers.

Where can I demo the Sanbot robot? Where can I buy Sanbot?

Sanbot has opened three stores, and all of the stores are in Shenzhen: Zhongzhou πmall store, Shirble store and Dream-on store, and there are sales and service stations in over 30 countries & areas. You can contact your local sales and service station in your country, or contact the Sanbot sales team directly: sanbot@qihan.cn

Compared to the competitors, what are Sanbot’s advantages?

Sanbot has many advantages: patented designs, reliable hardware and system, 15,000 sets monthly production, cost-effectiveness, open API system, and more.

How do I control the robot?

Sanbot robot can be controlled through a number of ways: voice command, mobile and computer Q-Link APP, gesture and touch screen control.
Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved