Public Service

Public services are at the heart of public administration buildings and services sponsored by the government. These public services are an important part of citizens’ lives and greatly benefit them. AI and robotics will tremendously help improve public services, and Sanbot robot is the right device for all of these services.

Application Scenarios

customs inspection robot, customs service robot, security robot

Powered by IBM Watson’s AI system, Sanbot can answer thousands of commonly asked questions about customs clearance and other common custom FAQs. Sanbot can speak and respond to 28-languages, breaking the language barrier. Facial recognition and thermal imaging helps detect potential security threats including suspects and forbidden and dangerous items. The advanced AI robot can automatically alert human workers if something danger is detected and or a task is outside its capabilities.

airport robot, aviation service robot, robot for airport service
Airport & Train Station

Transportation is a highly-demanding service in the world. In addition to entertaining travelers to keep the mood light, Sanbot can be programmed to offer services such as rewards member points, answer mileage questions, answer ticket price questions, and flight information. It can also broadcast tips and offer educational services to comfort first-flight travelers and kids.

service robot for professional use, professional service robot, financial service robot
Tax Bureau

In addition to receptionist work such as greeting and assigning queue numbers, Sanbot helps answer common tax questions. Sanbot instructs the customer on filling out tax forms or application forms, and tell customer which service window is the correct one. Plus, Sanbot can regularly broadcast the important and new-issued tax rules in the hall.

litigation service robot, legal service robot, wisdom justice service

With the ability to collect and analyze Big data for laws and regulations plus NLP artificial intelligence, Sanbot is able to perform intelligent daily communications and smart interactions such as analyzing digital logistics, answering questions, and will transfer customer to a human staff member if further consultant is needed. It also assesses the risks and complications for a complaint.

service robot for police station, robot police officer, robot police assistant
Police Station

With Sanbot serving in the police station, citizens can report a case successfully within 10 minutes once inputting their info found on a government issued ID. This process usually takes around 40 minute through conventional means. The cases that the super service robot can help start the procceses for filing include assault, fraud, breaking and entering, stalking, theft, and more. Sanbot can also detect suspects and lost persons thanks to its facial recognition system.

library robot, ai robot, intelligent robot librarian

Libraries are in both schools and public places are very important to improve citizens’ knowledge. Sanbot can help readers find a certain book, author, or genre and direct them to the correct location. Its powerful “brain” will “remember” when the book is checked out and its condition. It also broadcasts the new books and library rules to the reader. Using the data collected from Sanbot AI robot, library managers can learn about the reader’s behaviors and suggestion to improve the library services.

Case Studies

customs robot, customs service robot, customs security robot

Gongbei Customs

Sanbot officially started in Gongbei Customs on October 1st, 2016. It is able to answer passengers’ questions in 28 different languages, and Sanbot has an abundance of customs knowledge. With advanced facial recognition, the humanoid service robots are capable of detecting suspects once their information is inputted into the robot. And, its HD camera helps the robot to lock onto an inspected object and the thermal imaging cameras capture the thermal image. If something dangerous is detected, the artificial intelligent robot will alert human workers to take further actions.

humanoid robot for aviation, airport service robot

Krakow airport

In October 2017, Sanbot was introduced for its intelligent services at the Krakow Airport in Poland. For air travelers who are nervous about air travel, seeing the cute humanoid robot put their minds at ease. Entertainment functions (dance, music and jokes, etc.), and pleasant interactions make them feel much better. Also, Sanbot can teach people air travel rules and information. When guests come for a visit, Sanbot will give detailed introductions about the advantages of Krakow airport, as well as the advantages and innovations of the Aviation Education Center and its contribution to passengers.

legal service robot, courthouse robot

Beijing Court House

Programmed with over 5,000 legal procedures and over 20,000 legal Q&A, Xiaofa, the customized Sanbot robot for litigation services, is able to cope with serious litigation problems with its fantastic advanced hardware and intelligent “legal brain.”

In addition to human-robot communications about daily life, Sanbot will respond to your questions with a “thinking” brain. This interaction is not just a simple programmed Q&A. Sanbot also analyzes digital logistics, create a litigation risk assessment report, and guide people towards the best legal solution.

metro station robot

Metro Stations in Shenzhen

At the opening ceremony of the Shenzhen Rail Transit and the fifth-anniversary celebration on Jun 24th, Sanbot Elf humanoid robots were invited to broadcast new and important information about the metro station. The intelligent robots entertained, interacted with the host and audience, and everyone loved it. Sanbot is able to present the information in a way people will remember, enabling passengers to learn about crucial information about the metro. This in turn makes the travel experience safer and more pleasant.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved