"Qihan, a Chinese company focused on innovations in robotics, AI and video analysis, has just released a Multi-Service Platform System (MPS) for its Sanbot Robot that is unprecedented. The system actually enables businesses to manage hundreds of Sanbot robots from anywhere in the world through its cloud-enabled, centralized system that brings personalized communications services to companies worldwide via an intelligent, cloud-enabled humanoid robot.

-- Lauren deLisa Coleman, Forbes Read More

"In November, a much cuter robot, called Sanbot was trialed in Gongbei Customs, a huge port on mainland China’s border with Macau. It can translate questions in 28 languages and uses a touchscreen, speakers and LEDs to communicate with the public."

-- Laurie Winkless, Forbes Read More

"China-based Sanbot thats showcasing this cloud-enabled service robot, able to work in a variety of settings - from retail and hospitality, to education and healthcare."

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"This Chinese robot is supposed to help out in the supermarket, offering advice to customers."

-- Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC Read More

“Aesthetically Sanbot is a chunky little droid with a touchscreen running a Linux-based system perched below its head, from which long-lashed digital eyes blink. With arms like dolphin flippers that swing back and forth when she dances, the robot has plenty of charm.”

-- Katie Collins, CNET Read More

“Sanbot is Chinese firm Qihan’s new humanoid robot, launched at this week’s IFA conference. Sanbot can be used in conjunction with Qihan’s cloud system Q-Link while its API is open to all.”

-- Jim Drury, Reuters TV Read More
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