“Founded out of Shenzhen in 2006, Qihan works on a range of products across robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis, and other related services. The company already offers the Sanbot Elf, which has seen some traction in retail, hospitality, and other public service positions, and the e...

-- Paul Sawers, VentureBeat Read More

“An Amazon Alexa-powered humanoid robot could be wheeling its way to a home near you. Chinese technology firm Qihan launched the Sanbot Nano on Thursday equipped with Amazons voice assistant that is featured in its Echo speaker.”

-- Arjun Kharpal, CNBC Read More

“In addition to its friendly disposition, the always-smiling Sanbot Nano is also outfitted with a ton of tech. Standing at 2.7 feet tall, this helper bot has over 50 sensors designed to help it navigate, keep an eye on your home and even control your connected devices. Qihan specifically mentions up...

-- Megan Wollerton, CNET Read More

“This cute Sanbot is designed to do a wider variety of jobs including healthcare and education system. Sanbot has three cameras, a HD touch-screen, and a projector which can project the interface and content onto a wall. Sanbot also has sensors all over its body, and will chat with you when you ...

-- Jen Copestake, BBC Click Read More

“Sanbot service robot is invited to New Year · New World, one of the largest TV programmes of CCTV Financial Channel, working together with CCTV commentators. Meanwhile, Sanbot assists the Shining Coordinates in 2017, the popular TV programmes of CCTV-1, to present and praise the proud and impressiv...

-- CCTV Read More

“Sanbot is a humanoid-shaped machine a little under 3ft high, with long-lashed blinking eyes. The idea is that its functions can be customized – for example to give directions at airports, teach basics to children at kindergarten or even perform low-level services at a hospital.”

-- Daniel Jones, The Sun on Sunday Read More
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