“The robot also cut down on the time spent on interviews, Dubai Police’s robot was able to get the interviews done within a few minutes. The candidates queued up in front of the talking robot, and all interviews were conducted standing.”

-- Ali AI Shouk, Gulf News Read More

"The roughly 70cm Sanbot Nano can understand voice commands and be directed to sing, order pizza or change the TV channel. The automaton also comes with an onboard camera allowing the owner to monitor the house remotely via smartphone."

-- Jiro Yoshino, Nikkei Read More

“The Sanbot Nano comes equipped with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, smart home control and remote monitoring abilities. It is intended to help manage and secure households, taking on a role as an embodied virtual assistant."

-- Hilary Lamb, Engineering and Technology Read More

“Sanbot is lurking around IFA again. The little robot helper won us over last year, but something seems different this time round. Thats because were now dealing with the Sanbot Nano, a brand-spanking new model. And, this one wants to hang out with you -- yes, you.”

-- Saqib Shah, Engadget Read More

“Sanbot is one of the more unusual products at this years IFA. The helpful robot from Chinese company Qihan claims it can "learn to do anything" - according to promotional videos, from a housekeeper to a bodyguard.”

-- The Telegraph Read More

“The 2.7-feet tall Sanbot Nano continues Qihan’s robotics-as-a-service platform and includes more than 50 sensors to avoid objects in its way, recognizes voices and knows when someone enters a room.”

-- Peter Brown, Electronics 360 Read More
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