intelligent service robot, commercial service robot, advanced ai robot

Sanbot Elf

Intelligent Robot for Hi-level Scenarios in the Hospitality, Retail and Public Service

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AI and robotics, service robot, humanoid service robot

Brand Story

Explore the Sanbot Brand Story and Significance to the Global AI and Robotics

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AI robot distributor, service robot for commerce, AI robot agents

Global Agent

Sanbot Recruiting Global Agent, Robot Solution Developer and System Integrator

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humanoid robot, commercial service robot, humanoid service robotics

Sanbot Max

The Leading Humanoid Service Robot for Hospitality and Public Service

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customer service robot, reception robot, hotel service robot

Hotel, Bank, Enterprise, Real Estate, Resorts, Museum, Exhibition & Event...

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retail service robot, robot in retail, advanced AI robot

Shopping Mall, Retail Store, Restaurant, Movie Theater, Pharmacy…

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home service robot, home robot IoT, companion robot

Home Entertainment, Smart Home, Online Service, Remote Service…

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airport robot, robot for public service, AI service robot
Public Service

Customs, Airport, Tax Bureau, Court, Police Station, Public Library…

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Brand Event

Sanbot Glorious Footprints in the World

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