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Mini ELF as a robot with simple and compact appearance, strong sense of science and technology, based on ultra-high performance hardware platform, and capable of integrating various artificial intelligence technologies such as voice, face detection, face recognition and face tracking.

Cater to the perspective,comfortable experience

Multiple moving parts realize free angle and actively adjust the most comfortable display angle by the sensor following the user's orientation.

Face detection and tracking

Support online face recognition, quickly identify the user's identity, according to the user's habits to provide personalized services.

Privacy security, from the source

Control of banning camera andmic is only allowed to be enabled by finger touch, avoiding any possibility of remote opening.

Extraordinary sound quality, enjoy every moment

Bass-reflexfullrange dual speakers,enjoy high quality audio and video effects, create a private family concert hall

Rich interface, support intelligent peripheral access

To meet business requirements in different usage scenarios by connecting intelligent peripheral.

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