Sanbot Mini ELF        

As a guard, the Mini ELF temperature measuring robot is mainly placed at the front desk of enterprise, hotel, government, and the entrance of store and supermarket.

Design goal:
1. As an assistant service robot with temperature measurement function, it improves traffic efficiency and helps people overcome the epidemic.
2. It can receive visitors actively, and undertake most of the repetitive manual work at the front desk to improve service quality and save labor costs.

Reception: Active face detection and tracking

• Automatically detect whether there is someone;
• Take the initiative to raise the head to welcome guests;
• Always follow your face;
• There is only you in the eyes of robot.

Guard: Infrared non-contact temperature measurement, voice prompt

• Infrared non-contact and non-sensing temperature measurement; (Auxiliary temperature measurement, not medical detection)
• Quickly detect, display and voice prompt;
• Easy to deploy, Improve the efficiency of testing.

Function expansion: Flexible
customization according to needs

• Reserved hardware interface (4 x USB, 1 x Type-C);
• Open software interface (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SDK);
• Support service docking (micro printers, ID card readers,
information service systems, merchant online stores,
third-party APPs, etc.).

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