Sanbot Max Specification

For this employee, what do you want?

  • Work 24/7 365 days
  • No need to add any expensive expenditures
  • No need to pay for housing, healthcare, etc.
  • Professional quality
  • High standards
  • Obeys management
  • Cost friendly
  • Always accessible
  • Sanbot Max, the ultimate Reception Solution

    With the Sanbot Max Reception Solution, you can rest easy knowing that Sanbot will handle any visitor requests, help visitors find the designated waiting area, register them, introduce the company, provide security, and more!

    Registering visitors

    Navigation services


    Notify interviewee

    Registering visitors

    Registering visitors

    When a visitor comes to your company, Sanbot Max will register the visitor first. If the visitor comes for the first time, Sanbot Max will capture a photo and input both the visitor’s photo and name into its system.

    Navigation services

    Navigation services

    There is no need for the interviewee to guide the visitor. Sanbot Max is able to perform the navigation and guidance to the destination like reception room, conference room and more, improving visitor's experience and make the reception more efficent.


    Facial recognition for retuning visitors

    The hi-tech facial recognition of Sanbot Max enables it to capture the visitor's face photo and input its system. When the visitor comes again, Sanbot Max can recognize the visitor, and call his/her name and perform speech communication actively.

    Notify interviewee

    Notify interviewee

    Sanbot Max will call the interviewee immediately after it confirms the visitor's identity; the interviewee can choose whether to receive the visitor or not.

    A Walking Promoter

    For new and existing customers that arrive at the office, Sanbot Max will introduce the company, explaining its services and products. Sanbot Max will also inform visitors of any new changes, products and services. Plus, Sanbot Max can give visitors a terrific tour of the office, further improving customer relations and making your office environment one of a kind.

    Facial Recognition for staff Check-in / Check-out

    The future punch card has arrived. Using advanced and sophisticated Facial Recognition technology, Sanbot Max can quickly check-in and check-out staff members as well as keeping a comprehensive attendance record.

    The Office Security Guard

    • Set times for Sanbot Max to patrol the office

    • Have Sanbot Max record everything

    • Sanbot Max is able to work and provide security 24/7

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    Able to go on patrol at any time

    Sanbot Max is very user friendly and be programmed very easily. Set up and change patrol times with ease.

    reception robot, communication robot, service robot in business

    Remote Monitoring at anytime

    Use your mobile phone to log onto Sanbot using the Sanbot App and see what Sanbot sees anytime and anywhere through its HD camera. This will allow you to check up on your business wherever, whenever, providing you with a sense of comfort.

    commercial ai robotics, humanoid service robot, intelligent service robot co-worker

    Able to work 24/7

    Thank to Sanbot Max's automatic recharging ability, this robot can work all day, every day, for you.

    Easily access Company Information and Statistics

    Sanbot Max will collect and present all of the Big data that it collects in an easy to understand format. Gain new insights into your company that previously you did not see and also receive invaluable market research.
    Visitor Information Attendance Record Mapping & Location

    Sanbot Online

    Remotely control Sanbot through your mobile phone or PC

    Using Sanbot Online App, user can have the remote audio call conveniently and effectively. And also, user can import the name cards from the devices to the App easily, saving the contacts information inputting time and keeping them safe.

    Guaranteed Services without any concern

    • First time use, home screen customization service

    • Fixed door-to-door services

    • Free of charge software upgrade services

    • Free of charge hardware and software check-ups and testing

    • Free of charge troubleshooting and repairs to machinery

    • 3-year package, enjoy free replacement parts services

    Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

    Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved