Sanbot Max Specification

The Sanbot Max robot was designed to be implemented into numerous kinds of business scenarios, providing customers and staff members with intelligent and efficient services.

Core Features

Meet the super co-worker: Sanbot Max is a jack of all trades robot, able to carry and tow objects, autonomously map a room, avoid objects and people, translate, answer guests’ questions, deliver items, attach 3rd-party accessories, and more.

  • Robot + Industry solutions + Internet

  • Reducing Operating Costs

  • Elevating Efficiency

  • Increasing Quality of Service

  • Improving Business Experience

  • Advancing into the Future


3D SLAM Indoor Positioning and  Navigation Technology

Based on multi 3D camera stitching high-speed vision SLAM technology, 3D SLAM autonomous map building, path planning, positioning, and navigation, achieving simultaneous positioning and map building.

  • Fast

  • Simple

  • Accurate

  • Shortest-route

Attaching Extensions

Sanbot Max has built in USB ports, HDMI, power outlets, switches. You can attach a printer, ATM, medical equipment, screens, 4G data card, hard drive, SIM card, 4G Internet, mobile data storage, and even more attachments.

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Fast Moving Speeds

Sanbot Max′s top speed is 5m/s. The average adult walking speed is 1.5 m/s. Using 3D laser vision technology, multiple infrared and ultrasonic obstacle sensors, Sanbot Max can move about in any complex indoor environment with ease.

  • "Wheel motor and mecanum wheels"4-wheel drive

  • 18 CM in diameter, with lots of torque + suspension system

  • Height between ground and bottom chassis: 4.5cm

  • Obstacle avoidance strategy is a combination of: infrared + ultrasonic + visual

Superb Load Bearing Capacity

Sanbot Max can automatically adjust its center of gravity, allowing it to carry and attach objects of up to 75 Kg (165 lbs). You can attach printers, medical equipment, etc. and Sanbot can move with these objects without any hitches.

Bionic Arms with Multi-DoF

Sanbot Max has elbow, wrist, and finger joints for a total of 20 Degrees of Freedom. This life-like movement improves the interaction between human and machine.

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CNN based High-speed Semantic Analysis Technology

Sanbot′s powerful semantic technology is compatible with a number of semantic solutions and can be tailored to specific industries with customized language packages. This robot has a ring layout with six microphones that can pick up a voice command from 5 meters away in any direction (360 degrees) even in a noisy environment.

Sanbot, Sanbot!

High-speed Machine Vision Technology based on CNN

Sanbot Max has a newly configured set of multiple HD cameras, visual cameras, and 3D cameras for high precision visual positioning. Sanbot Max also has advanced facial recognition and analysis and high-speed object recognition, achieving accurate depth perception and quickly receiving effective feedback.

  • Facial Recognition

  • Object Recognition

  • Multi-sensor Fusion

  • Panasonic

  • Battery Rated Energy

  • Battery Endurance

  • Standby

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved