“I got to meet a little chap called Qihan Sanbot. If you were to imagine a robot designed in the Jetsons style it’s almost exactly like that. It kind of does everything. It’s got an API and it can be configured to do literally anything.”

-- James Trew, Engadget Read More

“Sanbot is already in service in China, offering flight information to stressed travelers at the airport, patrolling warehouses as a security guard, providing a telepresence for doctors in patient’s homes, and acting as a fun friend and learning resource for kindergarteners.”

-- Simon Hill, Digital Trends Read More

“Sanbot is the least intimidating security I’ve ever seen! You may end up spotting one in the wild (at your local supermarket/airport/school) at some point in the near future.”

-- Aatif Sulleyman, Gizmodo Read More

“Sanbot’s open approach will help Sanbot penetrate the many target industries its makers aim for. Sanbot can work as an airport guide, waiter, teaching assistant, security worker or a smart home manager. “

-- Tereza Pultarova, E&T Magazine Read More

“The plucky little robot has flipper arms, a pair of wheels for feet and a body chock full of various sensors to help it perform a factotum of different jobs, from security guard to nursing home companion to educational assistant, and honestly, the pricing isn’t crazy.

-- Bryan Heater, Techcrunch Read More

“Intelligent humanoid robot Sanbot fights crime at airports with facial recognition software. The machines can also provide customer service and help airport passengers with their queries.”

-- Kirstie McCrum, Mirror Read More
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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved