Sanbot robot brings intelligent litigation services to the Beijing courthouse

18 Oct,2017
Brand Event

“Xiaofa, What should I do if I’m a victim of domestic violence?” On Oct 12th, the litigation service humanoid robot, Xiaofa, was offering services in the service hall of the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court. When asked about domestic violence, Xiaofa immediately responded with the laws and regulations about domestic violence. As court services are upgrading, intelligent litigation services with humanoid service robots are rapidly spreading, ushering in a brand-new litigation experience.

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This Xiaofa litigation service robots are customized and programmed based on Sanbot King Kong, QIHAN’s third generation intelligent robot. QIHAN’s Sanbot King Kong is equipped with multiple types of cameras, highly accurate visual location, and object/facial recognition functions with 3D v-SLAM technology. Plus, the advanced AI robot is fused with the most advanced facial analysis & recognition technology as well as fast-moving obstacle recognition technology.

The new professional service robot for the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court was used for the first time. On October 12th, the court held an event for the press to fully understand the service system of “All-orientation Service & Whole-process Conciliation”, introducing more than 30 intelligent devices including autonomous machine enquiry, intelligent litigant information recognition, raising efficiency. Among the services, the 1.5-meter-tall Xiaofa humanoid robot is the litigation helper volunteer for the citizens.


Zhao Lan, the litigation management official from the court, stated, “The Xiaofa humanoid robot is capable of memorizing and explaining over 7000 items laws and regulations, and it can assist to search rules and litigation processes, and details of similar cases in its smart ‘brain’.” The humanoid robot can perform even more except for initiating legal processes.  When someone inquiries “I would like to start a litigation”, the robot will bring the person to the assigned service window through its v-SLAM technology.

The intelligent and convenient services of the Xiaofa humanoid serivce robot received praise from both the citizens and media. The dean of Beijing First Intermediate People's Court, Wu Zaicun, expressed, “Litigation service hall is the first station where the citizens can initiate the lawsuit process in the courthouse, and their experience with litigation services affects their feelings towards the entire justice system. What’s more, the intelligent litigation services offer convenience to lawyers, as well as citizens. The upgraded litigation services also reduce a large amount of resources and costs, raising efficiency.”

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It is worth noting that the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court is just one of the numerous government departments in the public sector to adopt artificial intelligence and robotic services. The Intermediate People’s Court of Nanjing, Xi’an and Guangzhou Baiyun District People’s Court have introduced Xiaofa intelligent service robots months ago. The Gongbei Port and Hengqin Port also introduced robots for intelligent customs services.

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The fast-paced technological advance of government and public services opens up a large market; however, this challenges the technology capability and resources integration ability of robotic solution providers. The vice president of QIHAN Technology, Ryan Wu, explained to the media, “It is one of the biggest problems facing the industry, integrating robots in an economical way to realize higher efficiency and lower costs.”

In this scenario, the Xiaofa intelligent robot in the Beijing court indicates a masterful success. The innovative integration of robotic technology and legal service is the key to breaking industry boundaries and working properly in specific scenarios. With this strategic thought, QIHAN Technology, together with its business partners, will customize more specialized intelligent robots for each scenario based on Sanbot robots, to create the “Sanbot + Various Industries”.

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