Qihan-Sanbot Humanoid Robot Help Customs Inspection Faster and Safer

09 Oct,2016
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“Chinese Gongbei Customs firstly introduced intelligent humanoid robots, which help customs inspection faster and safer”, reported by CCTV. On Oct 1st, the National Day of the PRC, the launching ceremony of Qihan-Sanbot intelligent customs humanoid robot was crowned with complete success. Since October, Gongbei Customs Officials have been using 50 Sanbot sets in order to ensure improve security, efficiency and customer experience at the busy immigration and customs terminal between Macau and mainland China.

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Customs personnel input the ID information of the criminal suspects into the face recognition system of the robot in advance, and it will alarm once the similar suspects is checked, which strike illegal and criminal activities more effectively.

It’s precisely the Sanbot cloud platform that makes it unique, according to QIHAN Technology. This is the technology that enables customs officials at Gongbei to equip their units with the functionality to answer passengers’ questions in 28 different languages, perform facial recognition to help detect potential security threats, and alert human workers of questions and tasks beyond its capabilities. The robot supposedly uses a set of AI algorithms to deliver personalized communications. At Gongbei Port of Entry, the robots have been programmed to respond to over 3,000 commonly asked questions and provide guidance on local laws and regulations to those traveling across the border.

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“With thousands of travelers passing through each day, Gongbei Customs is always looking for new solutions to help us ensure that service is fast and our borders remain secure – Sanbot fit that mold perfectly,” said Zhao Min, director of Gongbei Customs.

Zhuang Yongjun, chief technology officer at QIHAN, said: “We truly believe that robots like Sanbot have the potential to change how service industries operate – and that includes helping customs workers operate and secure ports around the globe. By equipping Sanbot with an incredibly powerful, cloud-based development platform, QIHAN has been able to allow our partners at Gongbei Customs  to tailor Sanbot’s capabilities and behaviors to the needs of their specific use case.”

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The setup of Smart Customs means customs “Internet+” achieves an important innovative breakthrough, and it is a reality that the intelligent humanoid robot has come into hundreds of industries. It is also a great breakthrough Qihan-cloud humanoid service robot marched into a new market.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved