QIHAN wins the “OFweek Best Service Robot Case Award”

17 Nov,2017
Brand Event

On November 13th, the OFweek High-Technology Awards selection ceremony kicked off in Shenzhen, China. Over 100 hi-tech enterprises participated in the award ceremony. In order to be fair, the organizers invited experts in AI industry to make the selections. QIHAN Technology’s, Sanbot robot application won the “OFweek Best Service Robot Case Award”.

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This is not a small award. This award is given by the Academician of Hamburg Academy of Sciences, the expert in China's Medium- and Long-Term Talent Development Plan, Zhang Jianwei, the Doctor of the Mechanical and Power Engineering College at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Cao Qixin. QIHAN Technology won the “Best Service Robot Case Award” out of 100 other participating service robots.

In October, QIHAN’s Sanbot Max robot was officially introduced at the Beijing courthouse to offer intelligent services. The customized humanoid serivce robot called Xiaofa provides legal advice and guidance.

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The litigation management official from the court Zhao Lan stated, “The Xiaofa humanoid robot is capable of memorizing and explaining over 7000 items, laws, and regulations, and it can assist to searching for court rules and litigation processes. Plus, this robot recalls details of similar cases in its smart ‘brain’.”  The intelligent and convenient services of the Xiaofa humanoid robot received praise from both the citizens and media from the moment it entered the courthouse.

Wang Peng, the Vice General Manager of Global Marketing Center, accepted this prestigious award. Wang said, “The award is an honor and QIHAN humbly accepts.” QIHAN Technology leads the robot industry in both Research & Development and Sanbot robotics application. This is because QIHAN has been practicing the strategy of “Sanbot + Various Industries” since the first Sanbot was deployed.

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“Regarding Sanbot’s development, QIHAN Technology created 'platform robot', meaning the service robot is not only one robot, but the ecosystem of 'Robot + Cloud service + Industry Application'. Therefore, all the integrators and application developers can join the platform to customize the robot as they like.” Wang added.

“Maintaining the ‘Sanbot + Various Industries’ strategy, QIHAN Technology pushes forward the successful upgrade and evolution of traditional industries. The award was based on the case of Sanbot applied in the courts and judicial departments are a great achievement.”

Wang also made a speech with the theme of “Let Service Robot be an Enterprise’s Super Assistant”. During the speech, he shared QIHAN’s insight and commercial practice about the intelligent service robot, and proposed the “Robot Artificial Intellectualization” idea for the first time.

Wang Peng media interview

Sanbot Max can perform so much more than that you can imagine. The humanoid ai robot integrates more than 200 patented technology like powerful voice recognition, object and facial recognition, 3D-SLAM, etc., covering robot interaction, perception, motion control and other areas.

The Sanbot robot series’ patented designs and exceptional results have given QIHAN Technology numerous honors and praises, including Top 10 APAC Robotic Process Automation Companies 2017, Top Ten Commercial Service Robot Brands in 2016, Guangdong Famous Trademark, and more. QIHAN Sanbot robot series will contribute more to the upgrade of traditional industries, making the world more intelligent.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved