Sanbot robot series received lots of attention during National Mass Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week and Shenzhen Maker Week

26 Sep,2017
Brand Event

The Shenzhen branch of exhibitions during National Mass Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week and Shenzhen Maker Week was held during Sep 15~21st. The theme “Make with Shenzhen,” Shenzhen Maker Week was about the entrepreneurial experience, dock maker’s project, and entrepreneur enthusiasm by makers’ achievement exhibition, interactive shows entrepreneur competitions, and more.

Sanbot intelligent robot went on stage for the open ceremony to kick off the event with Shenzhen Vice Mayor, Ai Xuefeng, and the Director of Technological Innovation Committee, Liang Yongsheng.

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New Technologies gaining the much attention from people

The intelligent service robot called Sanbot Max (developed by QIHAN) is very high-tech. The humanoid service robot is capable of 5m/s walking speed complex room environments, three times faster than a human’s walking speed. It can carry up to 75kg cargo and adjust its center of gravity on its own. Once Sanbot was on stage, Sanbot MaX waved its arms and hands to say hello to the guests and everyone applauded.

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At the opening ceremony, QIHAN’s other intelligent robot model -- Sanbot Elf helped with the ceremony as well. A total amount of 11 sets of Sanbot Elf advanced AI robots danced on stage to liven up the event.

During the Shenzhen Maker Week, organizers held a series of exhibitions and events for the week, gathering together the worldwide leaders in UAV, intelligent robots, AR/VR, genetic sequencing, unmanned vessel, new energy automobile, Internet applications, wearable devices and more of makers’ achievements.

Build the open and innovative eco-system

This was the third year Shenzhen held the Maker Week event. Liang Yongsheng expressed that Shenzhen Maker Week fully exerted the advantages of Shenzhen international makers’ sources, examining the domestic and international makers’ activity and creativity, and the achievements into various industries.

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Sanbot intelligent robot is the perfect innovation case -- based on the concept of “technology integrated with application scenario for commercial value”. QIHAN Technology opens standards, API, and SDK to all the integrators and solution developers since the first Sanbot robot was launched. So, global developers can develop solutions to benefit from the robot according to their scenarios. The prospect strategy drives the service innovation and commercial innovation based on robot carriers.

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Through the developer eco-system with smart AI, QIHAN Technology is the company that practices “Robot + Various Industries.”And, Sanbot robotics, as the carrier of hi-tech, is the proof of the innovation eco-system the Chinese government has called for. QIHAN Technology will keep traveling on the innovation path.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved