Sanbot gained a complete victory from China Hi-Tech Fair

23 Nov,2017
Brand Event

Hailed as China’s No.1 technology exhibition, CHTF (China Hi-Tech Fair) had a very successful event this year. CHTF showcases the latest technology, industries, and innovations; the CHTF is always the key exhibition for people and the media to see the latest innovations. This exhibition event exhibits more than 10,000 innovation items each year. AI innovations and development was the main theme at this year’s event.


As highly advanced pieces of technology, QIHAN’s Sanbot Elf and Sanbot Max commercial service robots shined at the event. Both robots are able to handle the responsibilities of reception and customer interaction. QIHAN’s Sanbot booth gave visitors a truly amazing robotic experience.

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The AI is powered by IBM Watson AI system and an open API and SDK package, Sanbot Elf can speak 28 languages to help businesses around the world. QIHAN has produced numerous customized innovative solutions for Sanbot Elf, allowing Sanbot Elf to be integrated into various working scenarios, contributing to the transformation and upgrade of traditional businesses.

Sanbot Max is the newest humanoid service robot from QIHAN Technology, and a great hit at the hi-tech fair. Sanbot Max’s flexible arms and fingers are able to perform different gestures like “OK”, ”After You”, “Pointing” and more. This technology is leading the service robotic industry. Sanbot Max can automatically adjust its center of gravity; it can carry objects up to 75kg. Its 3D vSLAM and obstacle avoidance allows Sanbot Max to walk around freely in a cluttered room. The Sanbot Max is the super assistant for the public sector and numerous businesses.

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Visitors experiencing the Sanbot Max robot

As one of the leading enterprises in producing advanced and new pieces of technology in China, the QIHAN team and Sanbot robot series received interviews from the Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, the Director of Hangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, the Minister of Nanshan District Organization Department, and other government leaders. Many well-known Chinese media like Shenzhen Economic Daily, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, NetEase News wrote special reports about Sanbot robots.

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Ryan Wu, the Vice President of QIHAN Technology, told the media, “The idea robot, like the mobile phone, should be able to carry different Apps to perform different services for different working scenarios.  It is not a single terminal, and only integrator of industry resources and high technologies, can the robot has prospective future.”

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An open API and SDK allow all developers and integrators to popularize these robots, integrating them into commercial scenarios. This idea of making a robot that an individual business can mold is what QIHAN does every day. This is the reason why QIHAN has multiple achievements in AI and robotics. QIHAN will continue to make solutions with an even more positive impact for businesses and industries from all over the world.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved