Sanbot robot featured at Gitex Technology for a second time

20 Oct,2017
Brand Event

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is one of the world’s three biggest IT exhibitions and has been around for more than 20 years, gathering most of the world-class, hi-tech brands in the IT industry.

Oct 8th, the Gitex Technology Week kicked off at the Dubai World Trade Center – one of the most dynamic innovation hubs in the world. This year’s Gitex brought together a variety of innovative products, including transportation, robots, AR, and VR. The Sanbot robots, patented and owned by QIHAN Technology, were brought to the event by their agents in the Middle East.

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A few months ago, articles about “Robot to teach in UAE schools” began to spread rapidly throughout worldwide hi-tech media website and magazines. That robot was Sanbot Elf.

This Sanbot education solution provider is a professional in educational enterprises in the Middle East. After a lengthy communication and research with schools, this education technology company developed and customized Sanbot to make it the intelligent assistant to educators and librarians. These intelligent educational robots help schools create a new learning environment to foster the students’ education and create an environment where they want to learn.

The company said, “The robot is designed to help teachers deliver curriculum while assessing students at the same time. Sanbot can manage student’s digital files, guide them to where a book is located in the library, or even show parents to the classroom.”

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As the innovator of the open source service robot, QIHAN opened its technical standards to the integrators and robotic solution developers in various industries. With Sanbot’s open API, SDK and related service documents, QIHAN’s Sanbot has been attracting global integrators and developers for customized solutions, making massive contributions to the transformation of many enterprises.

“Sanbot was the star of our stand, impressing the visitors.” One agent told the visitors and the media, “With this exhibition, we have more confident in the Sanbot Elf robot, and now, we have accumulated many end users for Sanbot. In the future, we are pursuing further cooperation with QIHAN Technology for their latest robot products.”

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This was not the first time Sanbot travelled to Gitex event, last year, QIHAN’s Sanbot was invited to cooperate with the Alibaba Group, the Chinese innovation giant, to exhibit at Gitex. “We appreciate the cooperation with you and your innovative humanoid robot”, the PR manager from Alibaba told QIHAN, “We are sure that your products will be all over the world, and we are expecting our next cooperation.”

sanbot alibaba cooperation

Customs, airports, banks, health care centers, students’ psychological education, Multi-service Platform System for commercial chain stores, Sanbot Cafe solutions in cafes are just some of the many solutions of Sanbot. The QIHAN team never stops upgrading and diversifying the applications of the Sanbot intelligent robots. QIHAN Technology and the Sanbot robot series have a bright future to bring endless services for society.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved