Qihan-Sanbot humanoid robot attends a second expo in Dubai grandly at Gitex Exhibition, invited by Alibaba Group

19 Oct,2016
Brand Event

Gitex (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), was inaugurated at the Dubai World Trade Center on Oct 16th, 2016. It is one of the world’s three biggest IT exhibitions and has been held more than 20 years. The exhibition attracted the first-rate operators and different kinds of service providers from the Middle East, and numerous facility manufacturers, software suppliers and service providers from the world. Alibaba also gave the visitors with different feelings by series of ways.

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Early before the opening of Gitex, Alibaba.com Hong Kong Limited contacted QIHAN team and talked about the desire to bring the intelligent humanoid robot to the Gitex exhibition. It’s one of large and famous platforms to advertise for both Alibaba and Qihan-Sanbot humanoid robot, and the innovative product’s debut attracted a lot of people to gather around.

Sanbot is a chunky little droid with a touchscreen running a Linux-based system perched below its head, from which long-lashed digital eyes blink. With arms like dolphin flippers that swing back and forth when she dances, the robot has plenty of charm. Sanbot responds fast with lovely words whenever you touch it, with sensors all around its head and on its arms. The open API platform allows developers and companies to use its public available programming tool to create new roles in the service industry. Developers can program different kinds of knowledge and personal ID information with more than 30 languages. Because of these advantages, the robot can be applied to Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Security and Education Industry.

“We appreciate the cooperation with you and your innovative service robot, and we’ll offer you a very nice propaganda of the robot at Gitex exhibition within around half a month”, the PR manager from Alibaba told Qihan team, “We are surely that your products will go to the world fast and we are expecting our next cooperation.”

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Alibaba Group is the world’s biggest retail trading platform, and services involved in E-marketing, financial, logistics, big data cloud computing, advertising, cross-border trade, pictures and the extra Internet services, and its chairman Jack Ma proposed the E-WTO and aimed to create 100 million working opportunities for the whole world by 2020. We sincerely thank Alibaba for the cooperation and advertising platform at the exhibition.

The platform humanoid robot also received the high praises and support from China’s high official leaders, besides it is applied to airport services, customs inspections, square entertainment, healthcare, market-shopping, education, hospitality and other high-end industries in China. More applied industries are under digging out by Qihan team together with the solution developers. Let’s look forwards to the next miracle in the near future.


Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved