All sectors witnessed the grandness of “Sanbot +” at WRC 2017

01 Sep,2017
Brand Event

“Robotics is creating a new ecosystem in which social productivity and consumption become smarter and everything changes profoundly. In this context, the Chinese government has been implementing the strategy of innovation-driven development, setting much store by developing new robotics, new products, new formats and new modes.” The speech from Chinese vice Premier Liu Yandong kicked off the World Robot Conference 2017 in Beijing.

Setting its theme as “Win-Win Collaborative Innovation toward the Building of an Intelligent Society”, the WRC 2017 featured over 300 domestic and foreign experts, over 140 world-renowned enterprises and institutes, and more than 900 teams at the sub-activities. QIHAN Technology, the leading robot creator and popularizer in the global world, took its advanced Sanbot intelligent robots to the events.

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Sanbot Elf + Various Industries

At the hi-tech event, QIHAN team gathered the serious of Sanbot robots: Xiaohai intelligent robot for customs service, Xiaofa intelligent robot for litigation service, Sanbot retail service robot, Sanbot healthcare robot, Sanbot education robot, which is customized based on the Cloud Service Sanbot Elf intelligent robots and now serving at corresponding occupations.


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Sanbot + Various Industries at WRC 2017

One of the most attractive scenes at QIHAN Sanbot booth was the simulated model of “Robot + New Retail” convenience stores. When customers walk around the door, Sanbot Elf song and danced to attract them in. “Consumers” clicked the touchscreen to inquiry the product details and then scanned the QR code to get the electronic coupons, arranged the payment and wrote off, and picked up the product happily. This new retail model is loved by both retailers and consumers and it gains great success of transformation from traditional businesses in reality.

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“Consumers” enjoying the “Sanbot + New Retail” shopping experience

Sanbot Max launched for enterprises

Sanbot Elf is one mature intelligent robot for QIHAN Technology and its partners and users.  QIHAN Technology launched its new generation superior humanoid robot – Sanbot Max.

Sanbot Max is a commercial service (B2B) robot, specially designed for enterprises, catering, hotels, businesses, and so many more industries. This robot has unique and astonishing interaction ability. Sanbot Max also boasts advanced 3D SLAM technology, an incredible obstacle avoidance function, a leading movement control system, and a practical load capacity with the ability to connect peripherals (printers, scanners, screens, etc.).

humanoid service robot, voice control humanoid robot, intelligent humanoid robot
QIHAN CMO Ryan Wu announcing the launch of Sanbot Max

With the high technologies integrated, Sanbot Max is capable of 5m/s moving speed and more than 75kg weight load. It is equal to accomplish tasks such as customer reception, interpretation and guidance, food delivery, and more! It is the super assistant, optimizing human resources and improving the working efficiency for businesses.

Interviews by senior state officials and well-known media

On August 27th, Chinese Vice premier Ma Kai and Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Yu had a great interview with QIHAN team and Sanbot intelligent robots. QIHAN introduced the vision of “Sanbot + Various Industries” and showed the successful solution of Xiaofa, Xiaohai, Sanbot shopping robot and health care robot.

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QIHAN Team introducing QIHAN Sanbot to Ma Kai and Miao Yu

Meanwhile, QIHAN Technology showed the new achievement – Sanbot Max humanoid robot to Ma and Miao. Knowing the capacities and the future contribution to government affairs, business affairs and labor services, Ma and Miao spoke highly of QIHAN team’s efforts and achievement.

It was the third time QIHAN and its robots was received and interacted with Chinese senior state officials. In 2016, Sanbot robot has been interviewed by Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang and Premier Li Keqiang successively.

Why are the applications so successful in such a great number of sectors? Except for the first-rate hardware and system, QIHAN Technology opens the Qihan Cloud, ROS platform, API and SDK to the integrators and developers, enabling the integrators and developers to customize Sanbot Elf robots according to the commercial scenarios.

Robotics Commercial Application Summit

One of the highlighted activities, WRC2017 - Robotics Commercial Application Summit & the Opening Ceremony of the First Innovation Competition, organized by China artificial intelligence robot industry alliance (CAIA), was held during the exhibition processes. QIHAN Technology CMO Ryan Wu, together with Chinese Academy Tan Jianrong, IET fellow Pan Zhenxiang, IDC Global Research Director Zhang Jingbing and other elites in robotics industry had a discussion of the big cake of service robot.


Ryan gave a confident introduction of “Sanbot + Various Industries” at the beginning of his speech. And he predicted that, “The intelligent robot’s commercial application just begins and in the exploration stage, and each industry needs special commercial service robots. Human beings’ expectation for robot is to reduce labor cost and improve the efficiency, but demand will emerge fission with the robot popularized into businesses.”

In the past two years, QIHAN Technology has accumulated a great number of business partners, whose businesses are retail, beauty, catering, education, health care, bank, customs and courts, etc. This composed the initial open and developing ecosystem. Till now, Sanbot Elf intelligent robots have been distributed and introduced by business partners in more than 30 countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Turkey, Singapore and Australia, etc., and we firmly believe that Sanbot will have a brighter future.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved