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What are the functions of Sanbot robot?

Sanbot has a multitude of functions including but not limited to seamless interaction, semantic understanding, facial detection and recognition, sound source localization, auto charging, independent walking and obstacle avoidance, safety guard, and more. However, with an open API, you can program Sanbot to perform an incredible amount of tasks.

Can the robot walk automatically? Where can it walk?

Sanbot will not just move around automatically if you do not tell it to. Sanbot robot is an indoor service robot and can walk on even ground; it cannot walk uphill, woods, grass, stairs or other roads with rough conditions.

Is the operating the robot safe?

Operating Sanbot is very safe. The charging station (19v) will not produce the current until Sanbot is connected or the distance between the charging pile and the robot is less than 50CM, and the current is safe for people.

What network does the robot require? Does it support 4G?

Temporarily, Sanbot robot can only connect to WiFi network; and does not support 4G.

How do I upgrade Sanbot?

There are two ways to upgrade the robot: Option 1: upgrade the system online through the system upgrade service; Option 2: ask our customer service for the newest system package directly.

Will the robot crash into obstacles while walking?

There is a series of infrared sensors around the robot’s body, which allows the robot to automatically avoid obstacles.
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