Meet the Sanbot Family at CES 2018

05 Jan,2018
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Meet the Sanbot Family at CES 2018

January 9, 2017: With 2017 in the books, the Sanbot robot family is already engaged in its first engagement of 2018 – the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which kicked off today in Las Vegas, Nevada. All three Sanbots were at the event: Sanbot Max, the world’s first service robot with a loading capability of 165.3 lbs and a walking speed of 16 ft/s, Sanbot Nano, the smart home service robot developed by QIHAN Technology with Amazon Alexa Voice Service, and Sanbot Elf, who has arrived in CES a second time and has had a terrific year in 2017, which saw Elf deployed to many businesses, helping each one.

Sanbot Max is the next-gen service robot developed by QIHAN Technology. The robot, standing at 4.9 feet and weighing 220.4 lbs, is defined as a super co-worker thanks to its smart “brain” and its ability to complete tasks quickly.

In order to make Sanbot Max a well-rounded service robot, QIHAN’s R&D team outfitted the robot with a sturdy frame and an adjustable waist, giving Max a 165.3 lbs loading capacity. It can supply power for a printer, a large LED screen, medical devices, or other commercial peripherals. Plus, Sanbot Max can tow cargo up to 881.8 lbs. When Sanbot moves, no one will worry about the robot bumping into anyone, or knocking something over because Sanbot max has an excellent moving/obstacle avoidance ability:

·Sanbot Max has autonomous map building, planning the best route by itself in an area of 5,000 SQM.

·This robot can walk at 5m/s, three times the speed of its competitors. Even if there is a sudden barrier, Sanbot Max is able to make an exact prediction and stop or walk around the barrier.

·Sanbot Max can work perfectly for 18 hours per charge, and it will automatically find the charging pile and charge itself.

QIHAN’s statement is that the goal is not to build a real labor worker, but an innovative solution for businesses. The incredible loading capability and higher working efficiency, along with the humanoid robot’s excellent intelligence and interactive experience is to help people and businesses.

The robot’s innovative receptionist solution was issued by QIHAN soon after Sanbot Max’s debut. Using facial recognition, object recognition, 3D vSLAM, advanced AI technologies and a super motion control system, Sanbot Max is able to be a wonderful receptionist. Sanbot Max will register visitors’ information, introduce the company, offer navigation and guidance, manage documents document, check-in/check-out, and more.

QIHAN also brought its first home service robot that QIHAN collaborated with Amazon Alexa. In addition to Alexa’s excellent speech interaction and an abundance of online services, Sanbot Nano features more smart life applications such as text, image, interaction technologies, and movement, which is much more suitable for a person’s smart home life than other home robots in the markets, which are immobile.

The 85cm tall cute robot can play Amazon music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn or other streaming music services, order the takeout, book a car, control your TVs and lights with its IoT functions, and more. All the robot needs is a voice command. When you are not at home, you can still participate in family activities or communicate with your family and monitor the house and pets through Sanbot Nano via the Home Q-Link APP or PC.

With the Sanbot Nano home robot, QIHAN would like to create a better way that enables busy business people to communicate and care with their families.

Sanbot Elf, returning to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for a second time, has entered the markets in more than 30 countries including China, United Kingdom, Germany, UAE, Malaysia, and more. Sanbot Elf robots are working in shopping malls, restaurants, banks, metros, elementary schools, and many other sectors. This time at CES, QIHAN showcased the robot’s business management system -- especially for commercial chain stores – Multi-service Platform System (MPS). With this service system built on a Cloud terminal, users can give orders or push new files to their Sanbot Elf robots distributed around the world. The robot can also collect and manage collected data from each robot so the user can better run their businesses.

All Sanbot’s are already entertaining visitors, and they are amazed by what the Sanbot robots can do. QIHAN has greatly improved on the combination of applications, AI technologies, and humanoid robots. Sanbot Max showed off its innovation and practicality. From Sanbot Max and its commercial uses, to Sanbot Nano creating smart homes, to Sanbot Elf, whose MPS function allows for total control, the Sanbot family is not just some simple piece of robotics. Sanbot represents the concept that using new technologies to help people with their work and lives, symbolizing the beautiful vision of the human-robot relationship.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved