QIHAN Technology’s Sanbot Nano robot with Amazon Alexa has a lot of expectations

05 Jan,2018
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QIHAN Technology’s Sanbot Nano robot with Amazon Alexa has a lot of expectations

QIHAN Technology is ready to provide consumers with a state-of-the-art smart home robot.

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 9-12, 2018: The advanced smart home robot, Sanbot Nano with Amazon Alexa, was officially released in the United States. This state-of-the-art robot not only has Amazon Alexa’s excellent voice recognition technology, but also has remote control, infrared and obstacle avoidance sensors, video calling, 3D somatic games, and many more features to create a more joyful and convenient home life.      

Sanbot Nano stands at 85 centimeters (2.8 ft) tall, weighs 19 kilograms, (41.8 lbs) and has three omnidirectional wheels. This little robot is highly advanced with 54 sensors, ensuring it avoids people and obstacles. Sanbot Nano’s screen is a 10.1 inch, HD, LCD touchscreen, which you can change to one of the cute images already uploaded onto Nano. Plus, Sanbot Nano can connect to other smart home devices and can automatically recharge, meaning Sanbot Nano is always on.    

These features allow Nano to accomplish numerous tasks. Sanbot Nano can play music (Amazon music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Tune in), order takeout, and call a taxi. Maybe you are lying comfortably in bed and do not want to get up to turn on the TV or the lights. Do not get out of bed; tell Sanbot Nano to do it.

Nano’s mobility is highly beneficial. For example, Sanbot Nano’s video chat function has some extra advantages, which is thanks to the robot’s mobility. If you are trying to fix something and need some help, call your friend and work alongside them. Sanbot Nano’s mobility will place it in the perfect position. No need to worry about having to hold up your phone, or prop your computer/tablet at the right angle. Sanbot also has an entertaining side, which is fun for the whole family. Everyone can play somatic games on Sanbot Nano, which is not the only way this robot brings the family together. Sometimes, you might have a business trip or working overtime and cannot be with your family. Connect to Sanbot Nano through your phone and be present for a family dinner party, reading a bedtime story, and saying goodnight. Use Sanbot Nano to monitor your home. If a pet is chewing on a couch pillow, use Sanbot Nano to tell them to stop it.

To summarize, Sanbot Nano has Amazon Alexa’s terrific voice recognition technology, seamless human-machine interaction that provides you with a terrific smart home life. All of these features and capabilities serve a purpose to help people.  

Ryan Wu, the deputy general manager for QIHAN Technology, discussed the design concept for Sanbot Nano, “We all have had busy days and cannot be with our family, but Sanbot Nano can become your virtual body in the house. Sanbot Nano can speak, listen, and move, which is all to serve you and your family. Nano’s features and overall design is to bring everyone together.” Sanbot Nano is available for $1,999 USD and supports English (US, UK, India, and Canada), German, and Japanese.

About QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China and founded in 2006, QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd. is a company focused on innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analysis. Its proprietary solutions, QIHAN Cloud, Sanbot, and Q-Link, utilize next-generation robotics and artificial intelligent (AI) technologies to help improve the lives of its customers. With its background of surveillance systems and video analysis, QIHAN has built a substantial pool of over 200 intellectual properties in machine vision recognition, multi-axis automatic control, big data analysis, and more.

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