QIHAN Introduces Revolutionary Service Robot, Sanbot Max, to the World at the 2018 International CES

05 Jan,2018
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QIHAN Introduces Revolutionary Service Robot, Sanbot Max, to the World at the 2018 International CES


Following the success of its Sanbot robot line in China, QIHAN launches globally -- showcasing Sanbot Max, a state-of-the-art Humanoid Service Robot, to CES Attendees

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 9-12, 2018: QIHAN, the company behind the smart humanoid service robots that took China by storm, Sanbot Elf and Nano, unveiled their innovative sibling to the international market at CES Las Vegas, South Hall 2, booth #25436, on January 9th. CES is the first time for Sanbot Max to be introduced outside of China. Today, through January 12th, come and interact with Sanbot Max, a creation for intelligent life in the 21st century, and beyond.  


Sanbot Max unleashes the power and dynamism of cloud-enabled robotics and powerful IBM Watson-supplied API for customer-oriented industries and government facilities such as ports of entry, businesses, retailers, hoteliers, security providers, and litigation services.  Built to deliver smart, personalized service, Sanbot Max, a 4.7 ft, 220 lbs “big” robot with a nimble processor equipped to handle increased data, easily masters a jam-packed range of tasks with a highly versatile platform. CES attendees experienced, first-hand, a unique and advantageous human-machine interaction powered by Sanbot Max’s:

• Dexterous arms, hands and fingers moving independently or in conjunction;

• Multi-lingual voice recognition and command (plus, open API to enable Android applications);

• 3D vSLAM technology and autonomous mapping, coupled with over 150 infrared and other obstacle avoidance sensors that guides Max, unobstructed, through uber-congested convention areas;

• Chest-embedded Ethernet and USB ports anchored by sturdy brackets and flexible waist movement that allowed for effortless attachment of third-party devices (printers, monitors, large LED screens, medical devices, scanners), as well as the ability to attach objects of up to 165 lbs or tow objects of up to 881 lbs;

• 4-wheel chassis and wheel hub motor that provides stability and can move the robot at speeds of up to 5 meters per second;

• Superb battery life: 18 hours runtime, 50 hours standby


Visitors also witnessed an incredible solution, Sanbot Max’s receptionist/front desk solution. This solution showcased Max’s facial recognition technology, data collection, autonomous mapping, obstacle avoidance, file management, and smart memory. Sanbot Max can collect a visitor’s information, contact office personnel, guide visitors to a meeting room, give visitors an introduction to the company, deliver the mail, and more. Visitors were excited to see this robot handle all front desk tasks with ease and perfection.


Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, QIHAN is an innovator in robotics, API and data analysis.  QIHAN’S Vice President, Ryan Wu, sums-up the robot’s virtually unlimited potential: “Sanbot Max has incredible technology, and its international launch cements QIHAN’s commitment to bring the world the most advanced, user-friendly robots to service the needs across all industries.”



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