QIHAN’S Introduces New Customized Robot at Gongbei Port of Entry

24 Aug,2017
Press Release

AI-powered Xiaohai robot is taller, has arms and new thermal imaging functionality

SHENZHEN, China -- QIHAN Technology Company (QIHAN), a Chinese company focused on innovations in robotics, AI and video analysis, today announced the deployment of Sanbot Xiaohai 2.0, a customized customs service Sanbot robot, at the Gongbei Port of Entry in China. QIHAN’s Xiaohai 2.0 was designed for security inspection and detection. The new generation robot is taller than the original Sanbot Elf, has arms and fingers, and a new thermal imaging detection functionality to assist with customs passenger and inspection services.

“The introduction of Xiaohai at the Gongbei Port of Entry is a huge milestone for us,” said Lv De Lin, CEO of QIHAN. “At QIHAN, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge technology capabilities that meet the needs of our customers’ specific use cases. In the case of Gongbei Port of Entry, this meant creating a larger, customized Sanbot robot to with thermal imaging cameras to support vital inspection and security services.”

QIHAN’s Xiaohai robot marks the first time that QIHAN has created a customized Sanbot robot designed to meet the specific needs of a customer, demonstrating the company’s ability to incorporate made-to-order hardware and software solutions into the Sanbot robot.

The Xiaohai robot is designed to perform four key tasks at Gongbei Port of Entry:

•Passenger Inspection: Sanbot Xiaohai 2.0 has a thermal imaging camera that helps custom officials examine passengers’ bags and suitcases, improving efficiency and effectively combating smuggling.
•Security:  Sanbot Xiaohai 2.0’s one-key-defense function is capable of alerting officials when a criminal in the robot’s database is detected, enhancing airport and passenger safety.
•Customs Guide: Sanbot Xiaohai 2.0 broadcasts notifications through voice and video to guide first-entry and multiple-entry passengers through customs.
•Help Desk: Sanbot Xiaohai 2.0 is capable of answering thousands of frequently asked questions about the Gongbei Port of Entry and supports text and voice translation in 10 languages.

QIHAN first partnered with the Gongbei Port of Entry in October 2016 to increase security and efficiency at the busy immigration and customs terminal. Over the past nine months, the Sanbot customs service robots have witnessed an average of 340,000 people per day at customs.

Video of Sanbot in use at Gongbei Port of Entry can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jilvpIXV-hA&feature=youtu.be

For more information about Sanbot, please visit www.sanbot.com

About QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China and founded in 2006, QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd. is a company focused on innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), video surveillance, and video analysis. Its proprietary solutions, QIHAN Cloud, Sanbot, and Q-Link, utilize next-generation robotics and artificial intelligent (AI) technologies to help improve the lives of its customers. Through its core business of surveillance systems and video analysis, QIHAN has built a substantial pool of over 100 intellectual properties in machine vision recognition, multi-axis automatic control, big data analysis, and more. Employing more than 250 experienced R&D engineers and investing over 10 percent of profits to technical research and development annually, QIHAN possesses multiple high-tech laboratories and research institutes around the world.

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