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02 Dec,2015
Press Release

About Qihan

Founded in 2006 and headquartered, Qihan Technology Co. Ltd. Is a company focused on innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence and video analysis technologies

The company’s proprietary solutions include Sanbot, Donkey and Q-Link utilise next-generation robotics and AI technologies to deliver better standard of living and increased business productivity

Qihan has a pool of over 100 intellectual properties in technologies including Machine Vision Recognition, Multi-axis Automatic Control and Big Data Analysis.

Qihan operates globally with its non-domestic markets representing 25% of its business

Qihan is committed to innovation, investing 10% of total revenue to technical research and development

Qihan is set up for scalable production of its solutions, with a 10,000 square metre manufacturing centre boasting 24 full and semi-automatic production lines

About Sanbot

Sanbot is an intelligent humanoid service robot powered by Qihan’s cloud-based AI platform

Sanbot has been developed around an innovative ‘Robotics-as-a-Service’ model designed to empower businesses to utilise AI and robotic technology

Sanbot is designed for deployment in the Smart Home and business including verticals such as retail, education, healthcare, hospitality and security

Sanbot is feature-rich and versatile making it suited to a wide number of tasks and applications:

Advanced robotics and interactive technology: supports video input, 3D imaging, infrared perception, touch-screen, voice activation, gesture control and posture detection. Cloud-enabled Linux platform supports semantic comprehension, face recognition and sound recognition.

Open API for ecosystem support: an open API will enable app developers to build Android applications that utilise the full extent of the Sanbot AI to meet whatever need the user has. This improves usability and experience.

Tri-polar cloud-based architecture: capable of interacting in real-time via Qihan’s secure and private servers. Which give access to powerful server-based applications and storage.

Safe and robust design: safe and durable, using only the highest quality components. Parts sourced from trusted industry leading partners such as a Panasonic Lithium battery and Sony camera modules

User-friendly and secure: data is encrypted while in transit to ensure user privacy. No need for manual back-up with data stored in the cloud and only accessible by the user.

‘Robotics-as-a-Service’ – Sanbot for verticals

Airports: Sanbot now provides real-time interactive services and information at major airports including Shenzhen International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Retailers: Sanbot is deployed by major Chinese retailers including Tibet Glacial Water and Rainbow Department Store Co. Ltd., a retailer listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

E-commerce: – Sanbot is used by E-commerce operators including Huashuan51.com, a premium online retailer in China, to increase consumer engagement and website traffic.

Healthcare: Sanbot is deployed by health clinics including Intellicell to provide personalized healthcare services to patients including long-distance medical consultations, access of health records and medical prescriptions.

Education: Sanbot is used by pre-school and child education service providers including Wiswellbooks as teaching assistants, engaging children with educational games, music and course materials to make learning more interactive.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved