Sanbot Robotics: the Robotics-as-a-Service business model succeeds

16 Jan,2018
Brand Event

It was a great success for Sanbot Robotics at the CES 2018, which just finished up days before. QIHAN Sanbot took its advanced robot family Sanbot Elf, Sanbot Max and Sanbot Nano and the successful service solutions to the event, seeking to change the way of people’s lives, education, healthcare and work.

Every year at this time, the electronics will get a peak at the latest innovations in tech at the Consumer Electronics Show. In various ways, it is the grand showcase for what the best software companies and hardware manufacturers gathered together. And, artificial intelligent robots have been one of the focuses. Especially, QIHAN Technology’s Sanbot Robotics, whose business model and concept is “Robotics-as-a-Service”, was highlighted by CES 2018 Officials and the media around the world.

American Regional Director of Sanbot Robotics Allen Lou introducing Sanbot Nano

In addition to the robotic services to world’s commercial scenarios, QIHAN also pays high attention to the people’s home lives. QIHAN’s Sanbot Nano is the new released home service robot for the American market. One of its advantages is the smart services that QIHAN Technology and Amazon Alexa worked out together.

Focusing on delivering the robot’s smart services to the families, QIHAN innovates the Sanbot Nano more than a robot gadget, with more intelligence. More than smart IoT (Internet of Things), Sanbot Nano will bring its IoS (Internet of Services), which is powered by Amazon Alexa, to hundreds of thousands families.

Amazon Alexa’s IoT functions enable it to connect with your smart home appliances such as curtains, TVs, lights, air-conditioners, etc. Just give your order to the intelligent AI robot if you want to turn them on or off. Furthermore, you can order your favorite takeout and other on-line services. At Sanbot booth, onlookers were experiencing the Sanbot Nano’s IoS. “Alexa, I’d like to order Chinese food”, “Alexa, tell me more about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas”, and more.

Onlookers experiencing the Sanbot Nano’s IoS at Sanbot booth

Sanbot Nano is the robot companion that enables you to have a smart experience when sitting in your sofa. You’ll never feel tired when enjoying the service. Just open your mouth to give your order. Want to go out for an exercise? No need. Sanbot Nano’s somatic games bring you sports and health, as well as entertainment. If you are outside, using the mobile App to have video/audio call with your family members, or patrol and monitor your house, child, and pet, enabling you to avoid further danger in your house.

As the innovator and popularizer of intelligent service robot, QIHAN has worked out a series of robotic solutions for its commercial assistant robots – Sanbot Elf and Sanbot Max. The Sanbot Elf has been employed to offer intelligent services for airports, customs, banks, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, etc. And also, Sanbot Max also began to take the work for customs inspection, courthouse, financial service and more other scenarios.

Sanbot Max and Sanbot Elf receiving BFM TV interview

At the opening of the CES event, a number of media has reported that the Russian most advanced humanoid robot Promobot considers Sanbot Max as the real competitor. The 5-day exhibition attracted lots of media and specialists to Sanbot booth. Instead of the beautiful body and technologies, What they were focusing on are where the intelligent service robots are going, what are the real practices and services, and what changes the robots take to people’s experience and the AI and robotics industry.

All these questions have been concerned by QIHAN Sanbot team, and that’s why and how the Sanbot Elf, Sanbot Max and Sanbot Nano come out. The “Robotics-as-a-Service” business model and concept receives a great success.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved