At CES, Sanbot acts as the role model of world’s service robot industry

11 Jan,2018
Brand Event

“Now our Promobot has only two real competitors - the Japanese robot Pepper and the Chinese Sanbot. With them, the Russians plan to come together in a competitive struggle on the foreign market.” Several media from Russia like Tehnoomsk, Robogeek make the reports of Promobot V4.0 during the CES 2018. This is only one of the samples that the world reacts to Sanbot Max on the first day of the event.

This is the second time Sanbot appears at CES in Las Vegas. But this time, QIHAN Technology takes a bigger robot family to the event, including Sanbot Elf, Sanbot Nano and the newest gen humanoid robot Sanbot Max. Just on the first day, Sanbot has received amazing appreciations from the robot industry and the media.

To Sanbot team, those reactions come as no surprise, thanks to Sanbot Max’s high technologies and superior performing capabilities:

• Multiple postures: The flexible dexterous arms, hands and fingers perform different gestures like “OK”, ”After You”, “Pointing” and more;

• Open source platform: Sanbot Max’s open API enables integrators and developers to further customize the robot solution;

• 3D vSLAM (visual simultaneous localization and mapping) and autonomous navigation;

• Accessible peripherals: Embedded Ethernet and USB ports allowed for printers, monitors, large LED screens, medical devices, scanners, and more;

• Loading bearing capacity: Sanbot Max is able to attach the objects of up to 165 lbs or tow objects of up to 881 lbs;

• Never fall down: The 4-wheel chassis and autonomous adjustment of its center of gravity make the humanoid robot never fall down.

France 24 interviewing Sanbot Max

More than smart IoT (Internet of Things), Sanbot Nano focuses on its long-term goal – IoS (Internet of Services). Adhering to the concept of “Robotics-as-a-Service” and aiming to deliver the intelligent robotic services to each corner of the world, QIHAN Technology also takes its Sanbot Nano home service robot and make an official launch at CES 2018.

Powered by Amazon Alexa, the Sanbot Nano smart companion robot not only has Amazon Alexa’s excellent social interaction ability, but also has remote surveillance, tele video call, 3D somatic games, and especially the smart Internet of Service functions, creating a more joyful and convenient home life.

 It was a great shock to the service robotics industry when Sanbot team announced the sales volume of the first generation robot Sanbot Elf has reached 60,000 sets at Innorobo event. Sanbot issued an article about why it happening. We can have a review: Why is Sanbot Becoming the Hottest Service Robot? Now the figure may be doubled with more functions and more solutions developed.

Sanbot team signing sole agent contract with Chilean partner at CES2018

In the next couple days of the CES 2018, Sanbot robot family will be creating more miracles. Let look forwards. If you are still at CES, we cordially invite you to visit the Sanbot booth (Booth is 25436, South Hall 2, LVCC) and sit to have a talk. We are always here to serve you.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved