Sanbot Max won the prize of “2017 China Best Commercial Service Robot Brand”

03 Jan,2018
Brand Event

After 30 days of voting, the selection of the 2017 China Service Robot Brand Appraisal came to an end. On Dec 26th, the China Artificial Intelligence Robot CEO Summit & 2017 China Service Robot Brand Appraisal Award Ceremony kicked off in Shenzhen. Sanbot Max won the coveted “2017 China Best Commercial Service Robot Brand” and the “2017 China Most Investment Value Service Robot Brand” awards. It is worth knowing that December 26th was a ceremony and that Sanbot Max received the award officially on the day.

Ten Wu from QIHAN (the third from the left) receiving the award

For the past 30 days, a total of 200 enterprises participated in heated competitions.  Sanbot Robotics, ECOVACS, and Canbot were invited to participate in the brand appraisal competition. The whole brand appraisal competition, including vote and selection and award ceremony, was held by CAIA (China Artificial Intelligence Robot Industry Alliance). CAIA is an organization that aims to inspire the innovation and development of Chinese intelligent service robots, find capable robot brands, and increase brand awareness.

Sanbot Max is the newest hospitality service robot for commercial & professional use. This humanoid robot is extremely advanced with innovative technologies and powerful capabilities:

1. Multiple Degrees of Freedom;

2. 3D vSLAM (visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping);

3. Stellar obstacle avoidance;

4. 5m/s walking speed;

5. 75kg load-bearing capability and accessing to peripherals such as large screen, printer, etc.

For receptionist scenarios such as customer reception, route interpretation and guidance, document delivery and more, Sanbot Max can easily perform these tasks.  The Sanbot Max advanced AI robot has been working for numerous professional working scenarios in China: financial services, customs inspection,  litigation qeury services, and co-host.

In addition, QIHAN just issued Sanbot Max’s newest solution, especially designed, for enterprises specially. At the award ceremony, Ten Wu, the Vice General Manager of Overseas Marketing Center, made a speech, introducing this new solution – When Sanbot Max Becomes Your Colleague. This speech reflected upon the present and future of AI and robotics.

In the speech, Ten addressed that QIHAN Technology always adheres to the concept of “Robotics-as-a-Service”. He stated that Sanbot is working on the advanced “Robot + Cloud service + Application” tri-pod industrial frame. By combining the Sanbot’s excellent technologies, QIHAN will find and develop actual robotic solutions for more future demands to help business with the actual problems, creating more efficiency and business value.

Because this robot is gaining fame, on the second day, Sanbot Max was invited to attend the China Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Convention & Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce in Beijing at the Shenzhen Poly Theatre.

The event attracted many Chinese business giants, like Wang Shi from China Vanke, Ma Weihua from China Merchants Bank, Li Dongsheng from TCL Corporation, Dong Mingzhu from Gree Electric, and more. And, the convention also invited AI robot guests, which the Sanbot robot is among.

Dong Mingzhu, who is called the China Business Iron Lady by the media, is the first guest at “AI Great Era” Forum. She made a speech and pointed out powerfully, “In this new era, entrepreneurs should make the self-innovations as their dreams. The only way that China will become one greater manufacturing country is to innovate.”

Innovation is the job QIHAN has been doing for more than 11 years. Following on Dong, Sanbot Max and the host, Jiang Changjian, welcomed QIHAN’s Vice President Ryan Wu. On the stage, Mr. Wu introduced the receptionist solution to around 1,500 business innovation giants on site. This reception solution is the main solution that QIHAN will push into enterprises and offer intelligent services in China’s first and second-tier cities.

The reception solution is just one innovation solution QIHAN Sanbot created. In 2018, during the wide application of Sanbot Max into enterprises, QIHAN will dig out more innovative solutions to the actual scenarios. Creating and delivering innovations in AI and robotics to practical working scenarios is always QIHAN is doing.

Sanbot Max is the achievement of technical innovation and business model innovation and the carrier of innovation spirits of QIHAN, the leading Shenzhen business entrepreneur. Sanbot Max’s application in financial service, customs inspection service,  litigation service, the award of “Best Commercial Service Robot Brand”, and the invitation to the Entrepreneurs Convention and Chamber of Commerce, undoubtedly proof the strength of Sanbot Robotics. In the near future, Sanbot Robotics will go further to contribute intelligent services to more businesses in all around the world.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved