QIHAN Releases Sanbot Max's Innovative Solutions for Enterprises

14 Dec,2017
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Using a robot that just looks great at the front desk or lobby is just one prong of Sanbot Max that will effectively elevate your business. In addition to its good looks, Sanbot Max is capable of performing valuable services for your business. Recently, QIHAN issued Sanbot Max’s innovative hospitality solutions for enterprises.

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Sanbot Max is equipped with:
? Dexterous arms, hands and fingers moving independently or in conjunction;
? Multi-lingual voice recognition and command (plus, open API to enable Android applications);
? 3D vSLAM technology and autonomous mapping, coupled with hundreds of infrared and other obstacle avoidance sensors that guided them, unobstructed, through uber-congested convention areas;

? Chest-embedded Ethernet and USB ports anchored by sturdy brackets and flexible waist movement that allowed for effortless attachment of third-party devices (printers, monitors, large LED screens, ATM machines, scanners), as well as the ability to attach or tow objects of up to 75Kg.

This is the premier commercial service robot for enterprises, catering services, hotels, businesses, and other industries. The solution QIHAN released aims to help enterprises with customer reception, company introductions, contacting staff members, security patrols, and more. See how Sanbot Max’s solution will benefit your enterprise.

Visitor Reception

When a visitor is at the entrance to your company, Sanbot Max will greet them:

Sanbot Max: Hello, what can I do for you?
Visitor: I want to visit Jack.
Sanbot Max: I need to register you; may I have your name?

Visitor: My name is Lee.

During the recording process, Sanbot Max will capture a photo of the visitor and input both the visitor’s photo and name into its system. Next time the visitor arrives, Sanbot Max’s facial recognition technology enables the advanced robot to greet them, “Lee, what can I for you?” With visitors being a part of a company’s the Big data, the company administrator can easily manage, collect, and analyze these statistics.

Sanbot Max will call the staff member via the Sanbot Q-Link mobile APP. The staff member can ask Sanbot Max to take the visitor to the conference room, or say they do not have time to see the visitor. Equipped with advanced 3D vSLAM technology and obstacle avoidance sensors, Sanbot Max will take the visitor to the conference room. The robot can also give the visitor a tour of the company.


Administrative Management

Sanbot Max is the great assistant for administration management by taking the basic management and repetitive work. Sanbot can record all of your staff’s information (photo, name, contact) into the system and never lose the information as well as keeping that information extremely safe.  Staff members can look through the contact list to familiarize themselves with any new employee. After the staff’s information is inputted into the system, Sanbot Max will help check in and check out staff members, keeping a comprehensive and accurate attendance record.


Remote Services

Whether Sanbot Max is using its 3D vSLAM function or being controlled by the mobile app, Q-Link, Sanbot Max can patrol and monitor your company 24/7, and you can instantly see what Max sees through the app. This will help ensure your establishment is not in any danger. And, Q-Link enables absent personnel to interact with Sanbot Max and people at the office, making sure no one misses a meeting.

remote monitoring robot, telepresence robot, remote control robot

Data Management and Application

Sanbot Max is able to collect and store all the visiting records into its system, and it will form comprehensive graphs and records (one month, one quarter or one year). For example, the administrator can check on one employee’s attendance record and make an analysis on their working status; the purchasing manager can analyze the supplier’s visiting record to see if there is anything abnormal happening to the supply chain, and more.


This solution is not the only solution for businesses. With an open API, Sanbot Max can be further developed and applied into more working scenarios: 4S shops, sales centers, government buildings, shopping malls, banks, hotels, exhibition halls, etc. Sanbot Max’s professional and all-round skills simplify the customer reception and internal management, reducing labor costs, creating business value, reducing operating costs, and improving the enterprise’s image.

If you are a robotics solution developer, system integrator or AI agent, this is the time for you to join the Sanbot family.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved