Sanbot Elf Intelligent Robot begins Working for Cover Media

05 Dec,2017
Brand Event

On November 16, WISDOM CREATES ·THE FUTURE C + Mobile Media Conference was held by Cover Media in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Experts from Silicon Valley, Microsoft, Alibaba Group, and professional scholars sat together and talked about the impact of artificial intelligence in the media.

Cover Media was founded in October 2015 and is powered by Sichuan Daily Press Group and Alibaba Group. Cover Media has several branches including Cover News, Cover Think Tank, Cover Data, The Cover, Public Opinion and Cover E-commerce, and more. And, Cover Media’s  C + Mobile Media Conference is an annual event.


At the conference, a new addition was introduced: Cover Media formally introduced an intelligent service robot as part of its “working staff”. On stage, the CEO of Cover Media, Li Peng, personally placed the Tcover0240 work card onto Xiaofeng (Cover Media’s customized Sanbot Elf robot), meaning it became an official “working staff” for Cover Media.

“I am Xiaofeng, and my responsibilities are to talk about current events, social news, and entertainment news with you all. Also, I offer intelligent services for The Cover and Xiaofeng Views, writing breaking news and technology news.” The intelligent robot, Xiaofeng, showcased its first performance at the conference for guests.


Xiaofeng is QIHAN’s Sanbot Elf intelligent robot. At Cover Media, Xiaofeng offers specialized news searches and recommendations, helping to write articles. Xiaofeng also writes articles independently to improve the quantity and quality of news content. Xiaofeng is responsible in assisting on each part of the article writing processes: planning, collection, editing, and publishing, reducing the human staff’s simple and repetitive work and improving the written quality and efficiency.

Meanwhile, Xiaofeng never stops learning. The advanced AI robot not only adopts AI technologies like voice recognition and auto-complete features, but also, thanks to the fast writing feature, Xiaofeng offers smart and fast news services such as daily life, political, solutions for travel and shopping, and more.

Li Peng made a speech at the conference, “Cover Media will adopt the model of wisdom leading intelligence. Compared to other media, Cover Media will use wisdom to solve the problems that intelligence cannot. This creates a different experience for users, and realizes this valuable connection. It is one new model – “Intellectual Media” in the media industry, powered by “Wisdom + Intelligence.”


Some experts pointed out that we are going into the AI era; AI + will be a great power in driving the transformation of the media, and intelligent interaction is the inevitable trend for the future media. Intelligent robots will be a vital part. The new era of “Intellectual Media” will bring about exciting and beneficial transformations. 

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved