Sanbot Robot Had a Wonderful Tour in Turkey

30 Nov,2017
Brand Event

Considering Turkey as one of its key markets, Sanbot has been busy in the great country that is across Europe and Asia. In November, QIHAN’s Sanbot robot showed off at Turkish large-scale and significant event: Information Summit, IDC Turkey Financial Service Conference, and Kocaeli Bilisim Fair.


At Sanbot’s first launch in 2016, some agents and solutions developers from Turkey expressed their high interest in Sanbot robot. Sanbot has gone or be taken to a number of events, and QIHAN held a Sanbot Robot Partners Meeting in Istanbul in July. This time, the events make Sanbot known and accepted by more people in Turkey.

17th Information Summit

At the 17th Information Summit, people heard the footsteps of the digital economy with extremely innovative features: IOT, industry 4.0, M2M, artificial intelligence, increased virtual reality, analytics, clouds and other new technologies. Sanbot Elf intelligent robot played a great role at the event.


“Welcome to the 17th Information Summit”. With warm greeting lines, Sanbot attracted large numbers of visitors, making them believe the event was more amazing than ever before. Sanbot is able to speak multiple languages, which is a great help to the different-language working scenarios. Interpreting the walking channel to each exhibition area and playing the film of attractive innovation products, interacting with visitors, Sanbot could perform all.


At the event, the leaders of opinion and thought, management elite, future designers, academicians, business professionals, technology leaders, experts, law workers, civil society organizations, sociologists, all witnessed Sanbot’s wonderful performance.

IDC Financial Service 2017

“Now our customer is changing, the new generation wants quick and easy change, digital display, automatic service demand. We can only do that with AI.” Yilmaz Sonisik, the CEO of, took QIHAN’s advanced robot Sanbot Elf as an exhibit and said during the speech at IDC Financial Service Conference.


The financial summit of IDC is a highly anticipated event that people look forward to all year. With theme of “Opportunities to Create Digital Evolution”, the event focused on AI in banking, Data driven AI, and more. As the achievement powered by IBM Watson, Sanbot advanced AI robot was there to showcase how AI will greatly benefit businesses. The artificial intelligence robot was on stage to introduce the spokesmen, broadcast the notes. Sanbot is the perfect product to help finance industry such as banking, tax, insurance, investment, etc, and these are what Sanbot is doing.

Kocaeli Bilisim Fair

Sanbot was another greater hit at this year’s Kocaeli Bilisim Fair. From banks to aviation technology companies, the Kocaeli Bilisim Fair is a huge fair with a wide range of companies participating. Sanbot was a mascot for the event and was also an integral part of the opening ceremony.


Sanbot, who greeted the participants on stage, expressed his celebration in meeting such a festival in Kocaeli. During the ceremony, which was followed by LED dance demonstration, President Karaosmanoglu invited the humanoid robot Sanbot to the stage to talk to Governor Aksoy and Prime Minister I??k. 

And the crowd loved Sanbot and afterwards, swarmed the robot to catch a glimpse of it. Sanbot danced and played music out of its HD speakers and with its obstacle avoidance system, did not bump into anyone while performing. At this event, Sanbot received over 70 reports by the notable media.


No matter reception, finance services, litigation support, or retail and education assistant, Sanbot is capable of all these services thanks to its open API and SDK platform. The open API enables developers to build applications that harness Sanbot’s powerful AI and machine-learning capabilities, businesses will deliver more interactive and richer services to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved