Brand New Airport Finds Innovative Solutions in Sanbot

29 Nov,2017
Brand Event

Air traffic increases every year, and both planes and airports need to be able to handle the increase in demand. Often times, it seems like an airport is 20 years behind the times, but one airport in Turkey is determined to become the airport of the future. When thinking of the future, the intelligent service robots come to mind. The iGA Airport in Istanbul knows that robots will greatly help make their airport the best airport, and that the Sanbot robot is the robot for the job.

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The iGA Airport in Istanbul is only 73% complete, but the airport already looks fantastic. The airport will be the standard for all airports and is anticipating its debut in January of 2018. Istanbul is a big, international metropolitan area, and the IAG airport is built for the global traveler. With that mind, iGA wants to ensure it will be able to handle the heavy traffic of travelers. How? The airport is huge, roughly the size of 12 football fields! But also, iGA has hired the perfect airport assistant for every traveler, the Sanbot robot.

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Sanbot artificial intelligent robot will provide intelligent services to travelers, adding convenience to their airport experience. Many tasks need to be handled at an airport, but that will not be a problem for the robot. Sanbot will help travelers with airport services, answer airport FAQs, help travelers find out flight information and help guide them throughout the airport, streamline food & beverage services in the airport, and WiFi services. All of the tasks for Sanbot intelligent robot are to help make iGA an airport that travelers will look forward to going to.

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Two reasons for this will be Sanbot’s language capabilities and facial recognition. The AI robot has an extremely advanced AI powered by IBM Watson. This allows it to speak multiple languages. Travelers will not have to worry about a language barrier. Sanbot’s advanced AI also gives it an incredible facial recognition function. This can be used to speed up security lines, customs procedures, and help airport security detect any persons under suspect (i.e. people on the no-fly list). This technological upgrade is the wave of the future.

Sanbot will give travelers a pleasant experience and help the airport staff members focus on the airport and the airplanes, as well as making sure people encountering serious travel problems will receive the help they need quicker. This situation will make everyone happy.

sanbot robot airport service, airport robot helper

One person who is happy is the Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication, Ahmet Arslan. Mr. Arslan is ready for Sanbot to make this airport’s services and experience truly amazing. And, Sanbot’s open API will allow the airport to have Sanbot complete new tasks and be able to adjust its functionality as time goes on. So, be sure to visit the iGA Airport in Istanbul next year to see the cute but advanced robot, Sanbot, in action.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved