Sanbot robot exploits Australian market successfully

16 Nov,2017
Brand Event

Integrating Robot, Cloud service and mobile APP into one ecosystem, Sanbot has been a robot star for a couple years since its first debut in Berlin. After Singapore, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, Morocco, Sanbot exploits more sole agent area – Australia.

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QIHAN Sanbot’s sole agent in Australia Sanbot Australia held a launch event about Sanbot robot series at Science Works, the science and technology museum that has achieved several awards located in Melbourne, Australia. Aimed at Sanbot’s education scenarios in Australia, the launch attracts the local well-known media, hi-tech enterprise representatives, artificial intelligence lovers, and young students led by their teachers.

With AI system powered by IBM Watson, Sanbot Elf intelligent robot welcomed each guest with warm lines. The beautiful and cute hi-tech robot and its hi-tech performance gained all the guests’ attention.

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Sanbot’s facial recognition “sharp eyes” is great to help students check in and check out and has been applied to check in and check out at the important event and conference. Like at Davos 2017 and the Summit of Shenzhen Research Institute of WHUT Co.,Ltd., Sanbot recognized and told the guests’ names immediately and greeted them with specialized lines. And Sanbot will count and record how many attendees have come, getting rid of human check-in and saving much time and cost.

With this mobile APP, parents can receive notice once their kids check in or check out on Sanbot, and they can also watch their condition in the classroom. Sanbot teaching assistant records all the contents the teacher uses, which enables students to learn about the material they may have missed in class. If some kids are not available in the classroom, don’t worry, learn through Sanbot’s mobile APP.

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What’s more, Sanbot can perform intelligent psychology treatment for students. Via Q & A, stories, photos, video on Sanbot, students tell Sanbot their real thoughts freely. In this way, their parents and teachers will know about their kids and students, and then adopt correct actions to affect their children positively. Sanbot can also be programmed to educate the students to grow up in right ways and think openly.

CEO of Sanbot Australia Chris Scott, introduced, they majored in industrial robot and were limited by running channels and businesses before. But when encountering Sanbot robot, Chris considered it a good chance to expand the businesses. They think positively about intelligent service robot and its high potentials in capabilities and markets.

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“I choose Sanbot robot, instead of other kinds, that is because Sanbot is more cost-effective, and QIHAN Technology offers much greater support to all the customers on after-sales services, training, and many other aspects”, Chris added.

According to Chris, Australia is the area with high human labor cost and many industries hope intelligent service robots can do something for business. For example, Woolworths Supermarket has introduced auto payment high technology, and it inspires many other businesses to try to introduce artificial intelligent services.

“Initially, we’d like to apply Sanbot to education scenarios, such as scientific research assistant in universities, programming classes teaching for primary and middle schools, and kindergarten kids accompanying and psychology education.” Chris talked to the media.

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With a huge crowd of people filling in the Science Works, the launch event was held as planned and successfully. Education is only one part of Sanbot’s application scenarios. With a reliable open API that enables developers to build Android applications that harness Sanbot’s powerful AI and machine-learning capabilities, businesses will deliver more interactive and richer services to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved