Sanbot offered services for Aviation Education Center at Krakow airport

01 Nov,2017
Brand Event

Add another successful case for Sanbot robot as Sanbot was introduced for its intelligent services at the Krakow Airport in Poland.

Transportation is the key factor for both the individual person and an area’s economy. With that idea in mind, Krakow Airport created an unprecedented method for advance ensuring people knew about transportation and logistics by opening a state-of-the-art Aviation Education Center. The aim of the center is to offer different aviation services in an interesting and suitable way for various age groups. The Sanbot humanoid service robot also made great contributions to people in the aviation center.

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For air travel, kids and the elderly are key groups that need to be taken care of due to physical limitations and sometimes they get nervous or anxious. Upon seeing the cute humanoid robot, they felt more at ease. Further entertainment (dance, music and jokes, etc.), interaction and comfort by Sanbot will make them feel much better.

Teaching is one of Sanbot’s strengths. At the airport, Sanbot is a qualified “teacher” for kids, the elderly and adults. After programming aviation contents into its open-API-and-SDK system, Sanbot can teach people flight rules and information.

educational service robot, humnoid robot for education, school teaching robot
Kids receiving education from the Sanbot “teacher”

teaching assisted robot, intelligent robot in school, educational assistant robot

Aviation is one of the most highly-demanding services and it must upgrade and evolve. From this aspect, Sanbot can do a lot for the airport. When guests come for a visit, Sanbot gave detailed introductions about the advantages of Krakow airport, as well as the advantages and innovations of the Aviation Education Center and its contribution to passengers.

robot service for airport, passenger service robot, intelligent robot for airport
Krakow airport managers and Sanbot

“It is considered truly unique in this country, as Krakow Airport is the only airport to get such project off the ground in Poland. People interested in aviation topic and education, instead of staying at home, can go to the Center for Aviation Education, which was created at the airport.” John Paul of Krakow airport told the media.

ai robot host, social talking robot, communication robot
Sanbot at the Aviation Education Center in a media interview

After Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, this is the third case where Sanbot offered intelligent service at the airport. In the future, Sanbot robot can be easily customized and programmable according to the requirements of Krakow airport, such as members’ points, mileage queries, ticket price queries, and flight information, upgrading the aviation industry.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved