Sanbot at the “Digital Patient” Seminar in Belgium

30 Oct,2017
Brand Event

Healthcare--an industry that is becoming bigger and bigger every year. More and more companies are in the industry and the advancements are incredible. In this IT era, intelligent health care is the trend and future of our health.

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On October 19th, Sanbot Elf robot was invited to offer support for the seminar, which was held by the Digital Patient community in Belgium. The purpose of this seminar was to share experiences on developments in the medical field and their impact on the Hospital Information System.

The Digital Patient is a community of leading Belgian medical IT hospitals integrating technologies into their professional practice. Digital Patient has started various exchanges, sharing, and training initiatives under the supervision of a Scientific Committee from the hospitals and universities.

At the beginning of the seminar, Thierry Vermeeren, a professional in AI health care, gave a welcoming speech. Afterwards, Sanbot Elf, the robot star in the world, introduced (in French) each speaker to the audience members in the conference room as they walked on stage.

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With an AI system powered by IBM Watson and Nuance artificial intelligence, Sanbot Elf is able to recognize and speak up to 30 languages. Sanbot can be easily programmed to perform enquiry services for specialized scenarios and terminology. For example: customers from foreign countries can talk to Sanbot Elf in their first language, adding a better customer experience and values for businesses.

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Sanbot broadcasted PowerPoint document contents

The event showcased another Sanbot robot solution. One of the organizers connected a sphygmomanometer onto Sanbot and demonstrated how a robot can offer health care enquiry services to hypertensive patients. This scene of “Sanbot Elf + Intelligent Devices” is nothing new. At the CareTEX event in Japan, Sanbot demoed the connection of MindBand and accurately showed the tester’s  heart rate and other vitals.

Before, if a doctor was not present, patients had limited guidance. Using the development of AI and robotics technology, patients receive more guidance. Intelligent health care with a robot like Sanbot is going to help thousands of health care organization and families.

After the introduction and presentation, many people expressed a high interest and wanted to learn more about this artificial intelligent robot. Therefore, the organizer invited a Sanbot user to make an introduction and demo Sanbot Elf and its technology manufactured by QIHAN Technology.

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Based on Sanbot’s open API, the user developed their own remote control App. This App is in French, and Sanbot performs actions according to voice commands and communicates with doctors and patients.

The CEO of QIHAN Technology has stated, “Technology must be combined with application scenarios to create business value.” Sanbot’s open API and open SDK allows the robot to integrate software and programs that fit into many businesses. This strategy has seen a rapid increase in the expansion of the application scene of Sanbot.

QIHAN has pushed forward the open source ai robot into many scenarios, including the beauty industry, retail, catering, medical, banking, customs, courts, and more.  The future is bright for QIHAN Technology and their Sanbot robot series.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved