Sanbot was invited as a robot representative to World Festival of Youth and Students in Russia

26 Oct,2017
Brand Event

On Oct 14th, the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students officially kicked off in the Olympic media center in Sochi, Russia. The one-week festival with the theme, “Together with the whole planet”, covered a series of activities about finance, environment, history, culture and more. A record setting attendance with a total of 25 thousand youths from 188 countries participated in this festival.

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As one of the largest delegations, the Chinese youth delegation took experienced and young entrepreneurs, doctors, undergraduates, and artists to Sochi, adding Chinese elements to this festival. QIHAN team, together with its Sanbot intelligent robot, was invited as robot representative of Chinese youth delegation to World Festival of Youth and Students in Russia.

At the booth, Sanbot robot was invited to perform for the representatives and take photos with them.

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Sanbot with Deputy Secretary of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and Vice Chairman of China Youth Corps – Chen Zong

Robot Age was one of the most innovative hi-tech events held during the festival. This event attracted everyone, gathering over 15 robot brands from all over the world including Sanbot robot, Softbank’s Nao robot, Promobot, and others.

Sanbot was a hit at the Robot Age center. Everyone enjoyed interacting with Sanbot. They asked questions, sang, and danced with Sanbot. And, with a little bit of help from the QIHAN team, some of the students even programmed their own dances into Sanbot robot. Some students couldn’t wait to start playing the kinect games on Sanbot.

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The advanced AI robot’s humorous responses, beautiful music, and dancing attracted lots of cameras. One after another, students took photographs with Sanbot, and media from all over the world also conducted interviews with Sanbot.

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QIHAN team and Sanbot were stars at the event:

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Sanbot and Chinese Lute Player

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Chinese actor, Zhuo Jun, dancing with Sanbot robot

Chinese youth delegation told media from all over the world when receiving interviews, “We consider that, the people’s future and happiness are in the youth’s hand. Chinese delegation is the largest one at this festival, and it is a good chance to show off the scenes of China’s new era.”

As Russian president Putin gave his speech, “It is the youths who have the innovative thoughts and will change the world. The world belongs to you youths, what you need to do is to go forward bravely.” The World Festival of Youth and Students enhances the connections between Russia and the other countries, and also opens one new path and operation channel for the Russian and international new startups.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved