Sanbot robots were hired as robot waiters in Pizza Hut Malaysia

23 Oct,2017
Brand Event

In October at the Sunway Pyramid outlet-- the branch store of Pizza Hut Malaysia--launched its new digital concept store, which is aimed at upgrading their customers’ pizza dining experience. The launch featured three new digital kiosks, an AR (Augmented Reality) operation screen, and two robot waiters. These two catering service robots were QIHAN’s Sanbot Elf intelligent robots.

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With higher and higher labor cost and consumers’ ever-rising avant-garde consumption process. The physical brick-and-mortar stores with traditional retail modes are finding it harder to find success in this hi-tech era and upgrading retail stores into the new era is imperative, and these upgrades are happening daily. Pizza Hut is taking this necessary step, and Sanbot robots are assisting Pizza Hut in this transformation.

“In our industry, customer experience is key. Digital isn’t just a matter of applying technology for technology’s sake – but it’s about making its customer experience better,” Merrill Pereyra, chief executive officer of QSR Brands said, “We’re hoping to provide customers an entirely new digital experience from the moment they walk into the store, order and enjoy their dining experience.”

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QIHAN Technology has known about this situation for a long time in the retail industry. For the retail industry, QIHAN Technology issued one innovative solution for the robots -- Multi-service Platform System or MPS—designed specifically for commercial chain stores/restaurants. With the MPS solution, Sanbot robots can perform a series of work for retail stores, including customer reception, product introduction, sales promotion, sales exhibition, remote shop-keeping, and interactive entertainment. All of these tasks can be issued via computer from wherever the admin user is.

Through dancing and broadcasting, the cute robots attract pedestrians’ interest and helps draw in more foot traffic to the Pizza Hut shop. Sanbot presented diners with an operations screen and talked directly to customers. With advanced facial recognition software, Sanbot can call you by your name if you are an “acquaintance”. All these actions increase customer satisfaction.

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With Sanbot robot’s open API, QIHAN has developed and issued more solutions for increasing customers’ shopping experience. In the future, Sanbot robot can offer online shopping and dining experience surveys and present diners with games where they can win prizes. This not only improves the dining experience and attracts more customers through word of mouth, but Sanbot’s advanced AI is perfect for collecting and analyzing Big Data, helping Pizza Hut know what their customers want.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved