See Sanbot's hi-tech solutions and performances at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

19 Oct,2017
Brand Event

QIHAN’s Sanbot intelligent robot’s continued success in many, many sectors has earned Sanbot “celebrity” status in the artificial intelligence and robotics industry. The QIHAN Team and Sanbot robot participated in another hi-tech event -- Hong Kong Electronics Fair—at the request of the organizer Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).

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The organizer holds numerous trade fairs around the world each year, which is aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) connect with business around the world. This 4-day event kicked off on Oct 13th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and a series of innovative electronic products were showcased.

Equipped with reliable hardware and an innovative system and cloud service, Sanbot is one of the most advanced AI carriers for businesses. At the Sanbot booth, QIHAN Technology demonstrated a series of advanced robotic solutions using the Sanbot Elf intelligent robot, which has been widely applied into retail, hospitality, health care, and education. The demos at the Sanbot booth attracted lots of visitors, whom were interested in the Sanbot robot and learning more about the commercial service robot.

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QIHAN team communicating with visitors about Sanbot Elf

Sanbot robot group dance and QIHAN’s speech at the Robot & Future event

Sanbot Elf robots kicked off the Robot & Future event with a synchronized group dance. The unified dance moves impressed everyone at the exhibition center.

Sanbot was so impressive that a QIHAN Sanbot sales representative was invited to give a speech about QIHAN and Sanbot Elf. Sanbot Elf’s “Hardware + Cloud service + Mobile App” three-in-one ecosystem with an open API received praise from everyone.

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On stage, the QIHAN team demoed the Multi-service Platform System (a solution for commercial chain stores), facial recognition, voice interactions, the remote control function through the mobile APP, Q-Link, and more. Afterwards, numerous representatives for AI carriers and robotic solution developers expressed a desire to cooperate with QIHAN.

Sanbot Elf worked as an exhibition promoter

The fair organizer Hong Kong Trade Development Council wanted Sanbot to help promote the event.  With programmed information and commands uploaded, Sanbot robots offered specialized services for the exhibition. Upon entering, visitors received warm greetings and were able to ask Sanbot question about the exhibition and find out the answers. Another Sanbot broadcasted information about where different events in the exhibition were. Whether Sanbot acted as receptionist, guide or advertiser, the Sanbot robot contributed a lot to this year’s Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

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robot service for reception, customer receiving robot, hospitality service robot

The practice of “Sanbot +” is upgrading and diversifying

Since Sanbot Elf’s debut at the IFA expo in Berlin, QIHAN Technology has been adhering to “Robot + Various Industries” strategy. The QIHAN team knows that technology must be combined with application scenarios to create business value.  Therefore, QIHAN made sure Sanbot had an open API and SDK, allowing the advanced AI robot to integrate software and programs to fit into more businesses. This strategy has seen a rapid increase in the expansion of the application uses of Sanbot.

For the past two years, QIHAN has pushed forward the programmable robots into many settings, including the beauty industry, retail, catering, medical, banking, customs, courts, exhibitions, and more.  The models of “Sanbot+” strategy are upgrading and becoming more and more diverse.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved