Sanbot Elf intelligent robot hosted program at BBC Sunday Morning Live

16 Sep,2017
Brand Event

Sunday Morning Live is a discussion show on current affairs. On August 20th, the Sunday Morning Live invited the one and only intelligent service robot – Sanbot Elf to the program for series 8, episode 10.


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The topic was about artificial intelligence. AI is very prevalent because artificial intelligence and one of its most advanced carriers, intelligent robots, are becoming more and more popular in our daily lives. The show asked what roles should robots play and should we fear the rise of the AI and robotics in our daily life? Sanbot Elf, together with hosts Sean Fletcher and Emma Barnett along with the other four guests had a discussion about robotics and AI.

One guest, Critty, together with other guests pointed out that robots can help us solve massive problems if we program them correctly. Critty stated, if we input proper programs and install the right applications, robots can help out with a lot of problems in education, healthcare, transportation and many other industries.


Right now, people are developing robots and using them in various industries. In the future, more and more artificial intelligent robots will be applied into our daily work and lives.

As one of these advanced robots, Sanbot Elf is helping people solve various problems. In hospitals, you can see Sanbot Elf handling basic health care problems like patient education, reminding them to take their temperature or medicine, and big data management. In schools, Sanbot’s cute appearance and multi-function capabilities can help students foster learning interests, analysis ability, gain confidence, and more. Sanbot Elf also serves customers in restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels.

The Sanbot Elf intelligent robot is an open source humanoid robot developed by QIHAN Technology. QIHAN has integrated world-class advanced hardware and system technologies from Sharp, Sony, IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, Nuance, and more into the Sanbot robots. With an open API, developers can develop the solutions according the scenarios a customer requires. All of these features lay a firm foundation for Sanbot’s application in our lives.

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During the beginning of the show and commercial breaks of the Sunday Morning Live program, Sanbot sang and danced for the guests and audience members. Sanbot’s voice interaction ability had the whole studio praising Sanbot’s intelligence. Also, the intelligent robot’s humors gave them a big surprise as well as a laugh.


Tweeting Sanbot Elf to the BBC program account

It’s not the first time Sanbot Elf has hosted TV programs. Since its debut at last year’s IFA expo, Sanbot has gone to CCTV for several times, and has also been interviewed and reported on countless times.

Now, the Sanbot Elf intelligent robots have been further customized and used in more than 30 countries. Its application scenarios include shopping malls, restaurants, courts, tax offices, schools, customs, airports, and more, covering scores of industries. The successful applications of Sanbot Elf are proof that “Sanbot plus Various Industries” Strategy works.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved