QIHAN Sanbot was invited to numerous activities at IFA Expo

08 Sep,2017
Brand Event

It was the second journey that QIHAN Technology took the intelligent robots to IFA Expo, the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. During the first days’ exhibition, QIHAN Technology launched its Alexa-powered intelligent home service robot Sanbot Nano and showed more innovative robotic solutions based on Sanbot Elf. The new home service robot was appraised and reported by over 500 world’s noble media including CNBC, Cnet, Digital Trend, Engadget, Nikkei, etc.


What’s more, QIHAN Sanbot team members and intelligent robots were also invited to numerous activities as the guests.

“IFA+” Summit

The “IFA+” Summit has been the key platform for pioneers, trendsetters and visionaries. The “IFA+” Summit was the most important innovations and trends of our time and was held in the spotlight in hall 26B.

Lennic Qian, the Vice President of Global MKT & Sales of QIHAN Technology, introduced QIHAN Technology and the Multi-service Platform System of commercial service robot Sanbot Elf, innovative robot Sanbot King Kong and home robot Sanbot Nano. Lennic addressed QIHAN’s slogan and concept “Robotics-as-a-Service” and innovative AI always happens in QIHAN company thanks to the powerful R&D team.


The topic of this year’s “IFA+” Summit is “WHO NEEDS HUMANS IN THE TIME OF AI?”. As for the topic, Lennic, together with Applu Shaji from EyeEm Germany, Kate Devlin from Goldsmiths University of London and Florian Dohmann from YQP Germany had hot talks and communication.

What limits and rules should be given to robots and its makers? What roles should robots play in our daily life and work and how should human beings live together with robot peacefully and harmoniously? Taking QIHAN’s three generation intelligent robots as the samples, Lennic responded to the questions easily. And he firmly considered that AI and intelligent service robot is the outcome to help and release human being’s workload.


IFA Next Innovation Engine

IFA Next Innovation Engine brings these innovation issues and many more topics to the stage. In the center of the exhibition hall on all days of the show, expert lectures and panel discussions will be taking place. At IFA NEXT Innovation Engine, marketing strategy decision makers will present their ideas on present and future innovative technologies, the trends and more.

Lennic got the great chance to make the speech together with Sanbot Elf and Sanbot Nano intelligent robot. He made an introduction of QIHAN strategy and the intelligent Sanbot robots during the first phrase. Practicing the strategy of “Sanbot + Various Industries”, QIHAN Technology continues the development and research on robotics and its Sanbot Elf has gone into the commercial scenarios in more than 30 countries & areas.


Lennic expressed his confidence of prospective future of Sanbot intelligent service robots. He said, “Sanbot Elf is of open API and SDK for integrators and developers so they can develop solutions according to the scenarios. And right now, QIHAN’s mature robotic system and solutions for retail have been popularized to partners and will soon contribute more to the traditional offline retails. These achievements have proofed the correction of QIHAN’s strategy and also got approved by worldwide partners, users and media.”


Into Tomorrow

Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline is THE Consumer Electronics Program airing on hundreds of AM & FM & HD radio stations in the American Forces Radio Networks worldwide, also online at Into Tomorrow.com and many other sources and outlets. Into Tomorrow is on the air every weekend and presents numerous ITTV Video Reports as well.


In the Into Tomorrow program, QIHAN team was invited again to be the guest.  QIHAN made and introduction of Sanbot Nano intelligent service robot and also demonstrated the home security surveillance lively. This live broadcast has spread Sanbot Nano to thousands of families through radio and TV programs.

Thanks to the excellent performances of the home robot, Dave Graveline gave Sanbot Nano the certified honor of IntoTomorrow.com and it is another proof of the success of its launch.


Sanbot Nano gained the certificate of Into Tomorrow

When receiving the interview the media, QIHAN expressed that, “In the past year, Sanbot Elf has gained breaking improvements in the retail, hotel, public service and government industries, and we are very happy to bring this home robot. I am sure that the super customized functions enable Sanbot Nano to be the successful assistants in the worldwide families.”

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved