QIHAN Technology released home service robot at IFA 2017

08 Sep,2017
Brand Event

It is the right time to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Sanbot brand and its artificial intelligent robot. However, QIHAN has more important things do for the society. Practicing the thought of “Robotics-as-a-Service”, QIHAN Technology never stops the research and development of robotics. Days before September, QIHAN team has set off and brought its new product and robotic solutions to the 2017 IFA Expo.

QIHAN Technology released home service robot, powered by Amazon Alexa.

The first highlight was QIHAN Technology launched the new generation intelligent service robot - Sanbot Nano. Sanbot Nano is QIHAN’s new AI-powered service robot designed for the home. The intelligent, cloud-enabled robot features Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service and it is the first and only successful Alexa-powered home robot in the markets till now.

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QIHAN announcing the launch of Sanbot Nano

Sanbot Nano inherits many of Sanbot Elf’s popular features including the Android SDK, Sanbot App Store, smart home connectivity and automatic charging. What’s more, Sanbot Nano is also designed to fulfill Qihan’s “Robotics-as-a-Service” model, and offers a unique proprietary tri-polar system architecture comprising the robot, private cloud and the Q-Link mobile application. In terms of major differences, Sanbot Nano supports a smaller form factor design (2.7 feet) and new voice assistance powered by Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, while Sanbot Elf’s voice interaction is powered by IBM Watson and Nuance.

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Sanbot Nano is capable of voice communication, smart home control and remote surveillance. It is easy for each family member to operate. What you need to do is to ask or give voice demand such as “Sanbot, I’d like to order pizza”, “Sanbot, turn on the TV” or “Sanbot, play music”, etc. With the mobile APP Q-Link, the family members are able to control Sanbot Nano to monitor each corner of your home from anywhere in the world.

Powered by Amazon Alexa, Sanbot Nano can only speak and recognize English language right now and the intelligent home service robot is mainly to be sold for families and distributors in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Of course, more English-speaking countries & areas are welcome if Sanbot Nano has the chance.

Because of a great deal of influence from Sanbot brand to the world, Sanbot Nano’s launch has received more than 500 reports and reposts by worldwide re-known media and magazines such as Digital Trend, Cnet, Venbturebeat, CNBC, Engadget and Yahoo, etc.

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Sanbot Coffee solution for drink store

MPS for retail is one of Sanbot Elf’s most innovative solutions for retail business. With the advanced solution of MPS for retail, QIHAN Technology deploys two robotic service scenarios at the booth - simulated coffee shop and the Sanbot Store.

Customers receive the intimate greeting from the robot waitress when getting into the Sanbot Coffee simulated store, “Welcome to Sanbot Coffee!” Be sure not be scared when the waitress calls your name when saying the greeting, because Sanbot’s facial recognition technology enables her to recognize you with your name if you are an acquaintance.


Sanbot Elf: You can see all the drinks, or press start button to order drinks.
Customer: Order drinks.
Sanbot Elf: Which category drinks do you want? You can talk to me or touch my screen to order the beverage.
Customer: Alcohol-free.
Sanbot Elf: What kind of beverage do you want?

IBM Watson powered AI system and 1080P HD touch screen enables customers to talk with the robot waitress or communicate through screen directly to make orders. Sanbot Elf’s open API enables the robot to connect the peripherals like a printer. Thus, customers can take the printed order and wait at the table and then enjoy your drinks.

Sanbot Store solution for offline retail business

When coming to the Sanbot Store, visitors can see Sanbot Elf working in different modes: customer reception, product introduction, promotional activity or entertainment. Sanbot sings and dances to attract customers into the store, greet customers and introduce products to customers. Sanbot Elf helps with the upgrading and transformation of the real physical shopping stores. The advanced AI robots are the experts to hold promotional activities, collect customer behaviors and big data, perform the analysis and more work for traditional business.

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You used to take a lottery or raffle after shopping in a shopping mall or restaurant, but this time take your raffle on the hi-tech AI carrier. What you need to do is to touch “START”, and “STOP” on the Sanbot Elf’s screen at the right time. If you are lucky, you will win and receive the right gift from QIHAN Sanbot team.

But before your lucky raffle, we need to complete one survey through a Q&A program on Sanbot Elf so we can learn about your feelings about Sanbot Coffee. Please be assured, each answer you submit is not disclosed to the public. No matter for Qihan Cloud service or Qihan team, we are confident to keep customers’ data private and secure.

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The demand for Sanbot Elf is increasing greatly both in the domestic and overseas markets, meaning that QIHAN’s “Robotics-as-a-Service” model is implemented and the strategy of “Sanbot + Various Industries” is practiced successfully.

During the first days at IFA event, Sanbot Nano also received the public’s appraises. A number of AI carrier distributors from the European and American countries signed the Letter of Intent about Sanbot Nano. Sanbot Nano witnesses a perspective future for thousands of families in the global world. More and more miracles are under progress by QIHAN Technology.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved