Come to enjoy the retail services by Sanbot robot at IFA Expo

17 Aug,2017
Brand Event

This year, Sanbot robot is one year old, so let’s say “Happy Birthday” to Sanbot artificial intelligent robot, powered by QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd. This time last year, Sanbot Elf, QIHAN’s first intelligent service robot debuted at IFA expo in Berlin, Germany, which garnered praise and recognition at this hi-tech event.

QIHAN Technology will visit IFA Expo for a second time in September of this year. Adhering to the concept of “Robotics-as-a-service,” QIHAN Technology will take a much more functional Sanbot Elf and debut the newest member of the Sanbot family, a new intelligent robot - Sanbot Nano.


Sanbot Elf is not the same robot it was a year ago; now, it is more intelligent with more solutions, especially for the retail industry. At this year’s IFA Expo, the QIHAN staff will take Sanbot Elf to demonstrate these retail services in QIHAN Sanbot’s booth (Hall 7.1A 101).

You’ll get a warm welcome from Sanbot robot when you arrive at our booth, meaning you are in for the robot experience of a lifetime. One of the many reasons is that IBM Watson is fused with Sanbot Elf, allowing you to talk to Sanbot in your native language with ease. If you are an “acquaintance” (your image is in Sanbot’s memory) to Sanbot Elf, it will call your name and greet you upon “seeing” you with its 3D camera and facial recognition technology.



Sanbot customized service robot for IFA2017

With the “MPS for retail” robot solution combined with Sanbot Elf’s hardware and Qihan Cloud service, you can place an order through Sanbot Elf. Participating in a lottery, raffle, or prize wheel often occurs if you shop in a mall or restaurant, but let Sanbot Elf give you the opportunity to win a prize! But, before you try and win a prize, let us know about your Sanbot shopping experience through a Q&A program on Sanbot.

Another great moment at IFA 2017 is that QIHAN Technology will release its next-gen intelligent robot – Sanbot Nano, during IFA 2017.

Sanbot Nano is designed, especially, for home use. It is the first companion robot, adopting the Amazon Alexa AI system, and it gives you an outstanding voice interaction. The three-panel design of Application Integration Panel, Game Panel, and Address Book Panel on the Sanbot Nano touch screen reduces the operational difficulties and brings an incredible interactive experience for users.

Sanbot Nano at home

Sanbot has been applied to a great number of scenarios in various industries around the world. If you have not had an encounter with a Sanbot robot, please come to our booth to enjoy the ai obot service and experience that has piqued the interest of everyone.

Event Date: Sep 1st-6th, 2017
QIHAN Sanbot Booth: Hall 7.1A 101
Venue: Messe Berlin, Germany

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved