Sanbot litigation service robots are introduced in China

17 Aug,2017
Brand Event

With the positive reform of the legal “Grand Registration, Grand Service, Grand mediation” system, litigation service centers take priority among the various items for different level courts; presently, the hardware has been improved greatly; but, the software is where the litigation service center has a big weakness due to the reform of a limited member system and the staff’s service quality.

As a result, QIHAN Technology customized a cute and smart friend with a great legal service brain, the Xiaofa litigation service robot. The robot is supported by the big data of laws and regulations plus NLP artificial intelligence, integrated with the court’s hardware.

legal service robot, ai robot for litigation, professional robot for courthouse

Plaintiff: Xiaofa, Xiaofa.
Xiaofa: I am Xiaofa. What can I do for you?
Plaintiff: What do I do if my boss owes me my salary?
Xiaofa: Does your boss accept your salary amount? First answer, boss accepts; Second answer, boss does not accept…”

Plaintiff: What materials should I prepare if I’d like to start a suit?
Xiaofa: You need to prepare Civil Complaint, ID card, and then a duplicate, and the evidence.

Programmed with over 5,000 legal procedures and more than 20,000 legal Q&A, Xiaofa is able to cope with serious litigation problems with its superb advanced hardware and intelligent “legal brain.”

Intelligent Human-Machine Communication

Through intelligent voice interactions, Sanbot litigation service robot will give the questions and record the answers, sharing the inquiry pressure of 12368 services (Chinese judicial information service) and the litigation service center. With an AI system powered by IBM Watson, users can talk about various contents such as daily life, litigation services, laws and regulations as subjects on the lighter side in their native language.

service robot for law, ai robot for law, litigation assistant robot

Daily Dialogue: Weather, geography, food, work, etc.
Litigation Procedure Communication: Law suit registration, time of court sessions, and other common litigation Q&A.
Laws and Regulations Query: Supports confusing questions and offers answers about laws and regulations.
Light hearted chatting: Offers humorous Q&A with many customized emotions.

Smart Interactions

Sanbot will respond to your questions with a “thinking” brain, which is much more than just a simple programmed Q&A. It’s able to analyze digital logistics, closely answer questions, even if the voice is a little muddled.

smart service robot for law, law service robot, court service robot

Litigation Risk Assessment Report

Xiaofa can smartly analyze a user’s legal problem, offer intelligent litigation consulting, assess the litigation risk scientifically and improve the success rate of mediation. During the services, Xiaofa recommends similar cases, laws, and regulations for lawsuit litigants. Also, Xiaofa is capable of analysis for the whole litigation process: evidence analysis, time and economic cost analysis, failure risk analysis, etc. And, its QR code can be used look up reports, download, and print.

Automatic Service Guidance
Xiaofa offers litigation service guidance all throughout the lawsuit on a self-service machine or mobile App. The repetitive work finished by Xiaofa can save massive amounts of workload for the human staff, and this will allow them to handle more complex work, improving the working efficiency and saving costs.

humanoid robot for litigation, legal service humanaoid robot, humanoid ai robot

Remote Call Transfer

During the consultation processes, if a user would like to go on further consultation, Xiaofa can recommend a professional lawyer for the user and start a remote video call. If a user (who may have little legal knowledgeable) is weak at communing with the humanoid ai robot, Xiaofa can call human staff service and ask them to offer consultation services for the user.

What’s more, Sanbot’s hardware can do a lot of good for litigation services. With the advanced facial recognition, Xiaofa can easily to recognize the leaders of the court, working staff, lawyers, and some of the petitioner if their ID data is inputted the system. Therefore, Xiaofa can provide customized service for different personnel according to their jobs.

professional use robot, robot for professional service
Xiao working for litigation and receiving interviews of different-level leaders

Xiaofa’s excellent performances have received great reviews and these services have spread by word of mouth in litigation services and related industries. Now, Xiaofa artificial intelligent robot has been introduced by numerous courts, police stations, and law offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and more. Xiaofa has a prospective future with the positive reform of the legal "Grand Registration, Grand Service, Grand mediation" system.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved