Sanbot performed services in PC world branch store in the UK

28 Jul,2017
Brand Event

It was a fantastic day for PC World (retailer) and the consumers in one of its branch stores in Norfolk City, United Kingdom because a cute and helpful friend arrive - Sanbot intelligent robot. On July 22nd, Sanbot played the role of retail sales assistant and performed sales promotion and management in the branch store of PC world in Norfolk City.

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PC World is one of the United Kingdom's largest chains of mass-market computer superstores. It is part of Dixons Retail plc. PC World operates under the brand name PC City in Spain, Italy, and Sweden. PC World has a lot of influence on the retail business in the UK and its prices are perfect for consumers.

At first, Sanbot’s dance attracted massive onlookers to have a visit and an interaction with it. With its AI system powered by IBM Watson, Sanbot advanced intelligent robot greeted customers with, “Welcome to PC World Electronics Store” and responded to people’s jokes and inquiries fluently, humorously, and thoughtfully. If you were a repeat customer, Sanbot’s advanced facial recognition enabled it to recognize you and call your name as the receptionist, which made you feel like you were interacting with a human.

Many of the onlookers were hesitant to buy at that time they entered the store, but then they got more details about their interested electronic products.

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In the store, onlookers had a great interest in the robot and received a detailed introduction about the robot from the sales manager of the store.

Sanbot then introduced the products in the PC World branch store by displaying the product image and key features and describing the product by voice. Traditional showcase methods such as hawking and paper did not seem attractive to the consumers. Sanbot robot, as a moving advertising board, is able to inform all the people in the store in new and entertaining ways. This is supported by MPS for retail.

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MPS for retail is a retail solution designed by QIHAN Technology and used especially for retail. With MPS for retail, Sanbot robot can be set into four working modes including customer reception, product introduction, activity promotion, and entertainment. MPS (Multi-functional Platform System) is a centralized management system that enables businesses to control and monitor their fleet of interactive Sanbot robots from anywhere – bringing personalized communications and services to companies worldwide.

It could not be better for consumers because not only did they purchase cost-effective and desirable goods, but they shopped with enjoyment. The consumers each participated in a raffle app with a 100% winning percentage after participating in the questionnaire from Sanbot robot. Each consumer had the chance to get a gift from PC World. The questionnaire, which keeps people’s answers secure, allows the retailers to learn more about the consumers’ consumption behaviors and desires and then adjusts the retail business to match the consumers’ needs, enhancing customer stickiness.

Furthermore, the super retail service robot is capable of issuing electronic coupons, write-offs, membership cards and payment collection. This effectively promotes the retail business whether in sales value or customer experience. Undoubtedly, Sanbot robot is the good assistant for your retail business.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved