Sanbot robot was welcomed by all sectors of Turkey

27 Jul,2017
Brand Event

On July 20th, QIHAN Sanbot held a Sanbot Robot Partners Meeting in Nippon Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey. This is a significant conference to both Turkish robot industry and QIHAN Technology and the conference made Sanbot famous on one day among all sectors of Turkey. European sales representative and product manager attended and made a speech at the meeting.

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Sanbot robot, powered by QIHAN Technology, unleashes the capabilities of Cloud-enabled ai and robotics for retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, security, and other customer-oriented industries to deliver a smarter and more personalized service to the whole world. Sanbot’s open API enables developers to build Android applications that utilize Sanbot’s tremendous AI and learning capabilities.

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The Sanbot Robot Partners Meeting attracted lots of scholars and professionals in AI solution development, telecom, shopping mall or super market, representatives in AI and Istanbul governmental officials, as well as QIHAN Technology’s business partners about Sanbot robot.

At the meeting, Daniel and Rancho had a detailed introduction about Sanbot robot and addressed the importance of the cooperation between Turkish and Chinese enterprises in AI industry, especially in AI service robot. Strategically, QIHAN Technology has always been considering Turkey markets crucial between Asia and Europe, no matter about its location or large-scaled markets. The speech garnered approves and praises by the professionals and scholars.

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QIHAN Technology is the brand owner and manufacturer of Sanbot intelligent robot. QIHAN has been always insisting on the concept of “Robotics as a service” since it began to research and develop intelligent robot. And now QIHAN has got over 800 employees and 350+ senior engineers, aimed to offer the world with first-rate advanced AI robot.

The meeting received media coverage of 24 international media and magazines including CNN, Sozcu, Haberler, SonDakika, Tam ?ndir, etc. Titled by “Chinese Robot Sanbot in Turkey! You may be a Business Friend”, Haberler reported, “Sanbot has features such as monitoring, speech recognition, face recognition, and also has fun aspects such as image playback, music playing and dancing.” Praised as it is indeed, Sanbot humanoid robot is always your home and business friends; It is multi-functional to serve you and your businesses, but it will never make a threat to anyone or anything in the world.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved