Nanjing Central Emporium introduced Sanbot robot to upgrade consumption experience

22 Jul,2017
Brand Event

With beautiful shape and talking leisurely, an intelligent service robot never stopped saying “hello” to the onlookers, enthusiastically answering their questions such as "how to get the cashier?", "Can I rent a baby carriage?", " Can you recommend me the delicious food in shopping mall?" and more about shopping concerns. That robot was Sanbot intelligent robot, which was newly introduced by the Hexi Shop of Nanjing Central Emporium. Thanks to its excellent services, Sanbot intelligent robot became consumers’ favorite interactive partners.

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According to the Yangtze Evening, the Hexi Shop of Nanjing Central Emporium, one large-scale one-station shopping center located in the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, hired a batch of intelligent robot staff to play the roles of consultant manager, almighty inquiring manager, smiling accompany assistant and others. In order to welcome the first batch of retail service robots , Nanjing Central Emporium held a funny "entry ceremony" in its Hexi shop, attracting many consumers to watch and interact.

Wang Meng, General Manager of Nanjing Central Emporium, confirmed the information to Yangtze Evening sooner after the report. He said the Central Emporium that was founded in January 1936, once was the first large-scale integrated shopping mall in Nanjing, adhering to the concept of "Leading the industry trend". Recently, the Central Emporium took the pilot work at its Hexi shop. The manager introduced Sanbot intelligent robot from domestic leading robot manufacturers - QIHAN Technology. As a resident assistant in Hexi shop, Sanbot provides consultant services for buyers to upgrade consumption experience.

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It is known that three Sanbot robots, each named Xiaohe, Xiaoxi and Xiaozhong, would take up their quarters on Saturday at the soonest. Among them, Xiaohe, the inquiring assistant, is responsible to provide information inquiring service, greet customers, see them off, and broadcast real-time shopping information and guide customers to pay attention to the malls’ new information. All-around consultant assistant Xiaoxi will help human staff with baby carriage and wheel borrowing, missing persons broadcasting, putting broadcast, first-aid knowledge, free water, parking fee guidance and other services. Xiaoxi will link all the retail scenarios in the entire shopping center, just like "a moving map" and "utility service guide". While, Xiaozhong, the smiling accompany assistant, will mainly perform shows and humorous communication with customers to enhance their sense of participation and interaction, attracting customers and promote the consumption.

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Wang Meng revealed that it was only a small initial test and he planned to introduce more Sanbot robots into other chain shops under the group to promote their retail businesses.

He told Yangzi Evening: "The traditional department stores are faced with a necessary transformation towards the fuse of catering, supermarkets, theaters and others with matched shopping center. Taking Hexi Shop as example, we set the consumption upgrading program including catering, fitness and fast consumption brands on first floor, children’s entertainment on the third floor and main central projects distributed on the fourth floor. Introducing intelligent robots is one of the significant measures of transformation. With the robots’ interesting interactions and practical retail business services such as electronic coupons, payment collection, membership card processing, etc. to leave unforgettable impression and promote the customer stickiness.

It is becoming the new trend for offline retail business to promote consumption experience with robot. Just in the past one week, QIHAN Technology delivered one batch of Sanbot Elf robot to the customers in Nanjing, Harbin, Nanchang. The robots are mainly commercial chain intelligent robot, especially used in large shopping malls to promote their chain retail business.

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Screenshot of Sanbot Shopping Robot

Sanbot commercial chain robot is the most popular in Chinese domestic markets. Besides the customer reception, the marketing promotion ability is one of its highlights for retailers. They are moving advertising platform, it can host marketing activities, as well as ads promotion and giving out electronic coupons at shopping centers, public squares and communities, etc. QIHAN Technology told Yangzi Evening, In future, QIHAN will explore more users’ demands to help retailers to create more commercial values and upgrade consumption experience in physical retail stores. We will never stop to introduce and integrate robotic retail solutions to Sanbot robot to improve the service abilities for retail businesses.

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Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved