Sanbot teaches students in elementary school in Netherlands

20 Jul,2017
Brand Event

It was a special class for the students in De Fonkeling Elementary School, because they’d got a cute and smart educational robot to teach them interactively. Last week on July 13th, Sanbot robot performed a vivid education class in the elementary school in Netherlands.

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Robotics as a Service”, Sanbot is a Cloud service open API intelligent robot applied to various scenarios. Thanks to the open API, developers can build Android applications that utilize Sanbot’s tremendous AI and learning capabilities. Sanbot unleashes capabilities of cloud-enabled robotics and AI for retail, education, healthcare, hospitality, security, and other customer-oriented industries to deliver a smarter and more personalized service.

With AI system powered by IBM Watson, Sanbot intelligent programmable robot can easily interact with human beings in near 30 languages at each scenario, including in the classroom. In the class, Sanbot appeared in the front of the classroom together with Mr. Stvan Turi, the director of De Fonkeling Elementary School. Sanbot recorded and stored the contents Stvan taught and students could learn from the robot directly if they didn’t catch all the classes, which shared responsibility of the face-to-face Q&A between teacher and students.

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After teaching process, Stvan programmed Sanbot to inquiry about the taught contents. The cute robot interacted with students in a humorous, serious or soulful way, leaving unforgettable impression and deepening the memory of class education.

During the break, students surrounded Sanbot, asking teacher about how the teaching assistant robot works, interacting with the robot, and dancing together with the rhythm of Sanbot. In addition, they enjoyed the interesting movies via the 1080p touchscreen or HD laser HD projector. If one student is not available for the class, the Q-Link mobile App is easy to help to remote monitor all the statuses and voice in the classroom, seeming you are at the scene.


DTV media interviewing Mr. Stvan Turi, the director of the elementary school

What’s more, Sanbot is capable of facial recognition. After programmed all the students’ identification, the robot can help with check-in and check-out when the class begins and finishes. And the parents can easily know their kids’ class condition via Q-Link mobile App, reassuring them a lot.

It was the first robotic education experience for the school, leaving deep impression to the school leaders and students. Sanbot’s excellent performance attracted the interview of DTV, the public broadcasting television for the municipalities of Oss and Bernheze. "I believe there are certain things that can be done by robots. Whether we get a classroom with only classroom robots? I do not think." says Istvan Turi. Mr. Dirk Megens, a professor of economics at the ROC Nijmegen, also explained his point of view on the robot to the media, “I think it's a supplement, a teacher's help, and a kind of remedial teacher could be."

Yes, it is definitely right that Sanbot will never take the jobs of human beings and there will not any threat to human. Sanbot is one of the best tools to carry and practice artificial intelligence and delivery hi-tech life experience to the whole world.

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved

Copyright © Sanbot Innovation Technology., Ltd 2016-2018. All rights reserved